The last week has been unusually active in both the Diablo Wikis, especially with new contributors, and focus on lore. On top of that, we’ve seen the fan art section take shape with our famous wallpaper designer DiabloWikiHolyknight3000 and 3D modeller DiabloWikiDelowyn (continued from last week). Even weeding out all the smaller size updates, we still have a big batch of larger updates that just can’t be fit in this small article. More updates wil lcome later.

    The first update of the lore section is of the DiabloWikiAngiris Council, the ruling council of DiabloWikiAngels, of which the following 5 members belong:


    Our other updates include DiabloWikiHolyknight3000‘s fan art articles, some new DiabloWikiBosses and additional lore in the Diablo 3 Wiki recent changes:

    The Diablo 1 & 2 Wiki has updates for both Diablo 2 as well as the ultimate classic, the original Diablo. These are the latest updates. First we have some Unique weapon background updates:

    DiabloWikiAldur’s WatchtowerDiabloWikiBul-Kathos’ ChildrenDiabloWikiCow King’s LeathersDiabloWikiGriswold’s LegacyDiabloWikiNatalya’s OdiumDiabloWikiTal Rasha’s WrappingsDiabloWikiTrang-Oul’s Avatar

    And some other item updates:

    If you never was part of the Diablo 1 community, take the time to read up now to know what you’ll get in Diablo 3:

    Huge thanks to the people who make DiabloWiki (well, besides myself)! Thank you Widus, DiMono, Dragonhelmuk, Medievaldragon, Holyknight3000, Netmoe, Belushi81x, Chen, Zixaq, Anarchangel, Crazy Dropper and AllNamesRTaken

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