On reddit user TeKo posted a video about his findings on who this summoner is in the Diablo IV announcement cinematic By Three They Come.

    He breaks down his findings in the video to reveal the info in question. If you don’t want spoilers don’t look below. If you do please enjoy.

    Don’t worry I also made sure the video was also in a spoiler so you didn’t accidentally click the link to come here.


    From the video TeKo said:

    Many people think that the Lilith’s Summoner from Diablo 4 cinematic is Rathma. But many poeple say he can’t be.

    On reddit Rhykker confirmed the steps that TeKo did to reveal everything. He also posted a video about this.

    The editorial notes were still in the video file for all to see. Clearly and cleanly stated to whom the frame was about and what they needed to add or change in the video. Someone in the department probably forgot to uncheck the notes when they were done.

    With every spoiler take it with a grain of salt. This could be a placeholder name and he could have been a different name later. But he’s not 100% confirmed. But the chances after this revelation bring it as Rhykker says between 95% and 99% likely.

    Well what do you think? Let us know in the comments and the forums. This is big.

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