@Diablo got busy first thing Monday morning, with a few replies on varied subjects. These aren’t new info to any of us, but this is Blizzard’s whole point in having easily-accessed social media like @Diablo or a Facebook page. They can reach people who don’t follow the game closely during development. Obviously they would be far more informative if they issued links to fansites, say to transcripts of Jay Wilson interviews from Gamescom, but their web policy is pretty clearly against that, these days.

    DEFCON the game had a soundtrack with People CRYING in the background… Think about putting something like that in D3.—thRobHimself
    It was definitely very subtle and moody! Thermonuclear war may not be far off the tone of Sanctuary… —Diablo

    in official site is write:” The mystic can manufacture a diverse array of scrolls, potions, RUNES” What kind of item are these runes?—hebertbortolini
    DiabloWikiRunestones can be inserted into skills and provide anything from bonuses to completely altering their mechanic.—Diablo

    Will there be something like deposit available to ALL your on-line chars in D3? Transfering items between chars in D2 is horrible.—Venator

    We’re looking to include some kind of system to allow for easy sharing between characters. Probably a shared DiabloWikistash or mail system.—Diablo

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