Diablo 3 is Open Beta?

Open Diablo 3 Beta Access

Reports in the General Diablo 3 Forum, email and our IRC chat room are flooding in about Diablo3 beta being open to anyone by taking advantage of the Starter Edition feature.

All you have to do is have a battle.net account, create a battle tag in the account settings and download the client and you’re all set!

Lolskate managed to fire off an arrow on his Demon Hunter before it was all snatched away and B.net went offline. So close, you have to feel for him.

Update: Battle.Net is now down however and it will be for around another 2 hours from this news post which is about 7:30am PST3:30pm GMT. Perhaps it’s this that they’re fixing.

The Diablo III beta is currently unavailable while we work to resolve an issue. We do not have a current ETA for when the beta will be available, but will provide further updates in approximately 2 hours.

Thanks to Xariov who was first to mail it in.

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    76 thoughts on “Diablo 3 is Open Beta?

    1. I was playing and had no beta, got disconnected about 10 min ago though.

      Got to do a Monk run all the way to SK and play a bit of barb, then it kicked me out.

      At least i got to test the game in my pc so i’m happy as hell. 🙂

    2. Yes, ppls were able to login with any battle.net account, but now it’s down for maintenance

    3. Well, I guess they got a small scale test of their starter edition in that short time it was available.  

      “Ok guys, it works.  Pull the plug.” 

      • Or worse. Some rat told Blizzard about the problem before more people could feel the taste of the beta.

        I didn’t win a key even after the 275k keys giveway, my only chance to play D3 before the release would be sneaking my way in with this bug, but now its gone.
        I won’t buy D3 right after the release because I have serious doubts if this game will worth my money. Perhaps if I could play for half an hour this could change my mind, but now I’ll have to wait for a few months past the release to see if all the changes in the franchise will be positive (I don’t have high hopes by the way).

        • If you like Diablo as a whole, you’ll like this.
          Those who keep complaining about the changes, do it because they want to – Diablo 3 is after all a new game, and as such should contain a certain amount of changes to feel fresh, but not so many that it alienates the existing audience.
          Matter of opinion, of course, but I think they’ve found a good balance between new and old. 

          • I just played my 3rd character in Diablo 3 Beta and believe me … D3 is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than D2 in its first 13 levels.

            Everything is action packed, no down times, no boring walking back and front.

            Also I was surprised the last few hours as … the more you play this game, the more you get hooked (again a Blizzard feature I guess).

            First I wanted to play a Demon Hunter at launch, then I was seduced by that female Barbarian. But yesterday and a few hours ago I played a Monk and the power you feel playing this class is tremendous.

            I think the “normal” difficulty setting is still too easy, but this game gets under your nails, more than I thought when I played it in the first few minutes.

            The fact you can craft weapons and gear sets is fascinating in this kind of dungeon crawlers. I wonder how the RMAH will work, but I tell you: in the first few hours I was not excited. But now that I am used to the game, it is a WINNER.   


    4. We killed Bnet!! and by the way sorry. i tried to report this to you directly but the “send news” button does nothing for me so i posted in your forums.

    5. Soooooo upset…took me 2 hours to download the beta client, now its’s down for maintenance. FML

      There goes 3.8 gigs of my 10gig quota for a beta that I wont get to play…raaaaawwwwrrrrrrrr

      • To be fare, you knew it was a gamble with no official announcement and reports like this.

        Unlucky Champ

        • Lol I did the same. At least we’ll be able to install as soon as the game opens for real 🙂

          • Nope, it is very likely that you will have to download the ‘real’ client to play the game once you’ve bought it online or ordered it otherwise. 
            Apparently that was the case with Starcraft 2.

            I’ve got mine downloaded already 😉 

      • Not sure what you mean but i think blizz just messed up the beta login system with some starter edition stuff added in patch 17 and are now fixing it, as in closing it to beta testers as always has been.

        Starter edition will probably be available after the game’s release and most likely will use the same full client installation as the game.

        You will need a bnet account as well as a battle tag to play D3, the beta or the starter edition.

        • What I meant is that if I need to create somewhere Diablo 3 Starter or is it already in within every battle.net accout. But I know it now.

    6. Just downloaded the client.  Noted that connection information was available for the first time (have tried this before).  Battlenet is presently down for maintenance. Would imagine the Beta client is going to morph into the Demo client once the game officially launches.

      Not at all surprised with the time of the Battlenet outage … would imagine they’re plugging the holes <grin>

      Commander, Holy Knights of Westmarch       

    7. It says on the blizzard site below the battletag change option

      Right now, you only need a BattleTag to play the Diablo III beta “

      • Yep, cause You can play Starcraft II, WoW etc without battletag. You need it only for beta and later for full release D3. Still You need beta key to play beta.
        It’s not ” You need only a BattleTag” but “You only need a BattleTag”

        • Can you (or someone) please explain the difference of “need only” and “only need” in a clearer manner? As english is not my mother tongue, I only see the first one as direct answer to somebody, while the latter is generally spoken (edit: … although could also be used in a direct answer). The meaning behind them stays seemingly the same for me.

          • You really won’t hear “I need only X to do Y” very often, but the basic meaning is that the only requirement to do Y is X.  So if you needed only the battletag to play D3, then you theoretically wouldn’t need anything else to be able to play it.
            Contrast that with “I only need X to do Y”, where the only thing that requires X is Y.  So the only thing that you would need the battletag for is D3, and you would NOT need it for anything else. 

            • 😯 Disagree.

              Both mean the same thing.

              I only need a battletag to play the d3 beta (because nothing else is required / because I have everything else required).

              I need only a battletag to play the d3 beta (and nothing more is required / because I have everything else required).

              The reason you won’t hear “I need only” is because it’s a more antiquated way of speaking, and we’re used to saying only need now.

            • Right, using different qualifying words after, you can interchangeably use “I only need”, but in the context that they were being used, what I said was correct.  They can mean the same thing, but were being usedvery differently, which is what I was trying (and failing?) to explain.

            • As I’ve asked the question, I would say you have not failed. But just to be sure: As I’ve understood it (and logically am agreeing with you), the former adresses players/playing of D3, while the latter adresses players/playing of BNet2-games in other Blizzuniverses (without mentioning them directly in the sentence).

    8. OK, folks.  The next time something like this happens, do NOT post it where Blizz can see it!  Let’s just pass the word among ourselves, m’kay? 

    9. if they are fixing this, they are being really CHEAP…. seriously. Only 12 days left of beta, how about making it available for everyone
      is that so bad Blizzard?

        • Does the beta have separate servers? I mean, don’t they need the servers to be ready for the real thing shortly? D2 had the open stress test….

          • Yes, the beta has separate servers. I think they’re the same servers (or in the same cluster, or whatever) as the WoW Public Test Realm servers.

            • Sadly, the D3 beta is still running on fairly limited servers. Bliz never opened any in EU, for instance, which they’ll obviously do for the full game.

        • This. As much as it sucks for those who aren’t in the beta, they sent out a specific number of invites and didn’t make it an open beta for a reason. 

          • Well I hope that their servers go down the minute the game is launched because they had their “Reason” to do a “Close Beta Test”. 👿

            • Why would you hope that? The entire point of this stress test is to avoid exactly that situation.

    10. I just opened my D3 beta client (dont have access or anything) and it updated.. then clicking options shows “Download public test” and “Play public test”.
      Has anyone seen these before.. maybe it’s always been there?

      Edit: Oh, forgot to say they are greyed out, so cant click it.

      • They’ve always been there. They do that in WoW and SC2 to do public beta tests of upcoming patches before they go live.

    11. Man when did this happen? I always suggested that there be an open beta/trial version since everyone who is following the game already seen it from Vids posted etc. there is only 12 days left. Let us get a chance to play it for ourselves. 

    12. During the Live Steam of Beta Play that was posted here a few days ago, one of the players remarked that he received a “unavailable in Starter Edition” error.

      It was something he hadn’t seen before in a LOT of Beta gameplay. 

    13. The bnet thread about the downtime, where ppl questioned if they change the open login bwcame SUDDENLY comment closed. 
      And yes, f**k blizz, give every d3 beta opt-in battlenet acc access to beta…it’s just 12 days.. (I guess free 4 all would be too much for the us servers, since they are the only ones online)

      • What i hated most was the retarded “social” stuff that surrounded almost all of the opt-ins. Not everyone has goddamn facebook or stupid tweeter and I am sure as hell NOT registering only to give blizz a better chance to improve their bug-ridden code for free.

        FU Blizzard – sincerely. 

        • Agreed, funny how an ‘open’ beta means “having bought a bliz product” and “having linked the cyber slave collar to a facebook account”…
          It is amazing how many corporate invasions of personal space we’ve come to accept as standard in the past decade, but D3 is probably your title if you want to experience the PC ARPG permanently yoked to the billion-dollar corporate panopticon!

    14. its probably unintended – though it would be really nice if we could have 2 weeks of open beta. 🙂

    15. It is unintended. When starting the client, there’s a message saying they’re working on an issue regarding beta acces.

    16. unintended ? i’d rather say such things happen to push the hype… though i already preordered and purchased the whole CE. Diablo will take me over soon enough… somehow i am even scared!
      hi to all the damned of the diabloverse ^^

    17. I love how so many people are pissy they didnt get into the beta, take it for what it is. there are millions who didnt, and have real nice pc specs too. just wait a few more weeks. it’ll all be brand new, shiny, polished, and ready for everyone.

    18. is battle.net back up? has the open access been nerfed?  I have a beta key but was wondering for my friend who wants in.

    19. Beta still down. Stuff happens but god they are the slowest company at correcting issues lol.

    20. Battlenet appears to be back online.  Beta once again will not load if your account doesn’t have a beta key …

      • Getting the same problem, been waiting patiently since signing up to the useless facebook diablo 3 page for chances at keys, now i get my hopes up at a chance to play and might as well have not bothered, not a great start to a supposed open beta.

    21. There isn’t really an excuse for not playing, the guy known as Town Portal (JCBN from this very community) over at TownPortal IRC Channel let’s everyone have a go at his account, plus between the guys there they have multiple accounts to lend out 24 hrs a day.

      Stop your whinging, the game is coming out soon, plus, as many people have said, no one deserves to play the beta, it’s luck. If you don’t get it, consider yourself saved from spoiling this small part of the game, or just go onto IRC and book in a playtime!

      PLUS, there is no official announcement of an open beta yet, so stop even mentioning or complaining about that too ffs. 

      Wow some people are ungrateful. 

      • Dude you need to take a chill pill and get laid and man calm the hell down dude no need to be such a huge jerk over a few comments…

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