Open Diablo 3 Beta Access


    Reports in the General Diablo 3 Forum, email and our IRC chat room are flooding in about Diablo3 beta being open to anyone by taking advantage of the Starter Edition feature.

    All you have to do is have a battle.net account, create a battle tag in the account settings and download the client and you’re all set!

    Lolskate managed to fire off an arrow on his Demon Hunter before it was all snatched away and B.net went offline. So close, you have to feel for him.

    Update: Battle.Net is now down however and it will be for around another 2 hours from this news post which is about 7:30am PST3:30pm GMT. Perhaps it’s this that they’re fixing.

    The Diablo III beta is currently unavailable while we work to resolve an issue. We do not have a current ETA for when the beta will be available, but will provide further updates in approximately 2 hours.

    Thanks to Xariov who was first to mail it in.

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