Diablo: IncGamers Tech Update #2

A quick update for everyone to say the migration is now complete and we are in a new system. However, the work doesn’t stop there, I will be keeping an eye on performance for the next couple of days as well as fixing up a few bits and pieces around the place. You may see some strange thing and weird things happen from time to time but I’ll be keeping an eye out for those.

There are a few enhancements that have been added and one of the main ones is mobile device compatibility on the main news page. We added it a  month or so ago for the forums and now you can also get the main news and content on your favourite phone of choice.

I’ll keep you updated on progress in the coming hours and any weird issues should be fixed up pretty quickly.

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43 thoughts on “Diablo: IncGamers Tech Update #2

  1. yaaay, I’m usually checking this site from my phone at work when I’m not supposed to 😛

  2. Not bad, but I’ve got a couple of questions;
    How do I get to the archives?
    Will there be an “Archive Headline” page again in the future like there was on this URL http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/archives/P0/ ? I prefer looking at the compact list that was there instead of the main page.
    Will the old comments on posts come back? Or are they gone for good?

  3. I am going to be working on a compact list as soon as the more pressing issues are dealt with 🙂

    The comments are tricky and again I am looking at those but we have moved from a completely different system so some came over some did not, it’s right pain in the backside 🙁

    • For the time being I can always use the “Page not found’ page, as it has a list of the last 20 posts 🙂 If only it also showed the amount of replies on the posts…
      I actually think that the old replies themselves are more important, if they can be salvaged, as there were some great debates (and some fantastic trolling) on those posts.

  4. Don’t know how this happened but I stay logged as a last person who answered the thread (??). I’m trying to log on my account but it seems something is wrong cause I stay log out or logged as somebody else. Doh.. Help? (Yab here btw)

    • I have this problem too. The site shows that I’m logged in as the last person who wrote a comment, in this case it was Yab. Checking my user details this is clearly not true, because I see my user details and options. If I’m on the front page it looks like I’m logged out, which isn’t true either.

      Also,  when I log out the site gives me a message, saying “An error occurred while attempting to log you out. Click here to log out.”. After I click the link a new message appears, saying “All cookies cleared!”.

      Clearly there are some kinks left to work out. 🙂

  5. Looking at the homepage of http://diablo.incgamers.com/ I think it could use some work. The top is cluttered with boxes that are not really relevant. You have to scroll down to see the most recent news.
    Also I really miss box which shows the most recent posts in the forum. I liked that because it leads me quickly to the hot topics on the forum.
    Hope you can work on this.

    • Also, replies aren’t “threaded” so it’s tough to tell what’s an “as is” post, and what is a response to the post above it. No indents?

  6. I’m getting a horizontal scrollbar on the main page for some reason. 1920×1080 resolution.

  7. Any chance you will be bringing back the Blizzard Blues and forum box? That was probably one of my favourite features. 

    Also, the new system for posting comments without being logged in is the epitome of doucheness. You have to retype the highlighted text in an advertisement. For example, i get a Sprint ad, and I had to type “America’s first 3D phone.”

  8. Blizz Blues etc is coming back, I am slowly adding bits and pieces back in today 🙂

    Scrollbar I am looking at, it is a weird one

    Jed, just register then 🙂

    Changed mobile theme colour, not tested it yet.

    More to come.

  9. The wiki update links are showing the edit changes that us wiki users put into the box. Will it always be like that? If so, I may have to start cleaning up my mouth a bit in those little edit boxes that I thought nobody would see. >.>

    I like a lot of the changes, particularly staying logged in, though. Seems like a ton of work went into this. Just wish that a registered user didn’t need to do a captcha. I’m currently looking at an expedia ad and the yellow text says “where you book matters”. >:(

  10. Rushster,

    I am registered, but given that (1) the old system never kept me logged in and redirected you to the main page instead of the page you were on when you did log in, (2) the new system is temporarily bugged, (3) staying logged in requires cookies to be enabled (or at least it did) and (4) and I rarely post anything anymore (let alone something I want to later converse about), it was just easier to type in a captcha and submit.

    In order to submit this post , I have to watch a goddamn Activia yogurt video first.

  11. Ok logging in should not be resolved with any luck. You should now stay logged in.

    The captcha should not be showing for regged users.

    Jed, Due to the appalling nature of the main captrha system which was unreadable a lot of the time, we switched systems. If you get a video ad, just skip it, there is an option to do that,

  12. Still having some issues with logins – now it shows my name correctly at the upper right of this page and lets me post (welcome back Karzon, etc) but if I go to the main page is says welcome back Rushster up there.  I feel like an account thief!

  13. Ok I can not emulate that problem again Karzon. If you can be bothered, can you clear your cookies and let me know if you still get it. It has to do with caching which is what I have been working on but it should be resolved.

    • I had the same problem as Karzon, but now it seems to be fixed. Cleared the cache and the cookies in my browser just to be safe.

  14. Rushster,

    I appreciate all your work.

    That said, it seems kind of insulting to my and any other readers’ intelligence to say that the reason the site switched to an advertisement-based captcha was because the old captcha was hard to read.

    I think everyone would understand if the site needs some revenue, so let’s not beat around the bush about it.

    • yeah, there are many ways to do readable captchas other than making someone watch an ad
      I’m registered, so I don’t care, but to say we went with an ad based captcha because the previous captcha was too difficult to read is bogus

  15. Glad to see that I am signed in when I got on. So far I am liking the slightly new look to the website. Hope you get most of the bugs worked out in the next few days.

  16. Anywhere my avatar could be redone as the squashed look is annoying me. When I first did it squashed it instead of keeping the aspect ratio of the picture.

  17. Not sure if its just me or not but when I try and use any of the drop downs along the top of the screen FORUMS/GALLERY/ETC the drop down shows up to the right of the actual wording and you are unable to select from it

    • oh and how about fixing the icons? I have two icons attached to my account (I can see them in settings) still none of them shows here. thanks

  18. Just a quick update….

    Edit is now in. Diablopodcast.com is also back in action this evening and all logging in issues should be resolved and you should stay logged in at last 🙂

    I still have a few things to work on including the archives and topics in the nav as well as a few other enhancements. 

    Thanks for your patience everyone while I work through the list.

  19. Just to let you know, the old diii.net URL redirects to the podcast site, not this one.

  20. So far, the old comment system is significantly better… The new one is missing many of the old features like the quote, wiki, url, etc. buttons (or even the ability to use those codes) and the smilies window… Also the new one is much less clear about which comments are direct replies to specific comments and which are just normal comments and not to mention this annoying as hell ad captcha crap for every comment being forced on even the registered users (including site pals)… also the edit window is fail since it doesn’t even have the options the regular reply window does and why no delete button?

    • By the way… that latest comments marquee is flawed compared to the old comment previews below each article because it often gets flooded by ad spammers posting in old articles…

      • As you can see I am still workingon comments. Note the threading is now in and layout is better 🙂 Will be looking further at edit options and links eyc but it is taking some time to really tweak stuff 🙂

  21. Trying to figure out the issue with the Twitter, it’s a really odd one that should not be happening.

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