Diablo: IncGamers Supporter Scheme Extended

As you all know we have been carrying out some pretty major work on the site over the past week or so (thanks for your patience) and we are almost at the end of implementing the changes. Regular readers will know that we have a site supporters premium membership in place which offers you extra perks.  These perks were restricted to the forums and today we are finishing the work on extending the premium membership scheme site-wide.

Previously supporters would never see banners when using the forums and we have now extended this site-wide which has been made possible after the site changes. Now premium members are completly banner-free, have access to the private forum as well as all the other forum perks.

We would like to thank everyone who continues to support the site with a small donation, it really does help us cover the hosting costs and allows us to carry on bringing you the best Diablo coverage anywhere.

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13 thoughts on “Diablo: IncGamers Supporter Scheme Extended

  1. EDIT: It started working the second I posted this, haha.

    Hey I really love the site, I’m glad mostly everything’s functional now.  I do have a problem where I can only access the site on IE though.  In Firefox all I get is a ‘it works!’ message.  Is there any way I can fix this problem on my end, or is it your issue?

    • This sounds like a DNS issue and your browser. open up a DOS winfdow and type ipconfig /flush DNS and it may be an idea to clear your browser cache.

    • Did you actually edit this post or did you just change it before you posted it?
      I still don’t see an “edit” option, but maybe I am just missing it…

      • I did indeed edit my post after posting, although I no longer see the option to re-edit that post anymore.

        EDIT: Obviously I do now see an edit button for this particular post next to the reply button, since I have edited this as well. It must only be active for a short while after posting I suppose.

  2. Just do it, people!
    With the amount of time I spend on this site (and have spent since D2 came out), I consider the last 3 years of Site Pal uppage to have been a more than fair trade.
    Keep up the good work, guys. Especially impressive that you are able to keep such consistently detailed coverage even with being on the outs with Blizz the past couple of years. Hope that little chip comes off their shoulder one of these days.
    PS, though – I’m sure you know this, but the “Solvemedia” captcha thing is still required to post for everyone. If you’re gonna get rid of ads for site Pals… I think that’s the place to start!

  3. Been here for years and this is the first I’ve heard about premium memberships. Just donated for 12 months, keep up the good work flux and team

  4. Thanks to all the pals, and if you can’t donate but want to help, at least don’t use ad blocker software on this site, and click the banners once in a while. Those really do help, on ad views and clicks, and running this gaming network is far from free, not even counting all the time we spend working on it.

  5. Awesome job everyone. Keep up the great work. I donated a bout a week ago, but I think Elly must still be out of town, so I’m not a Pal yet 😛

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