Diablo IncGamers Strategy Team Now Live

The Diablo:IncGamers Strategy team Enki and DomJarbert are currently undertaking HC in Nightmare and have just polished off the Skeleton King. They are live streaming at the moment so do check it out.

Watch live video from incgamers on www.twitch.tv

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    6 thoughts on “Diablo IncGamers Strategy Team Now Live

    1. Is it me or is watching other d3 live streams [other than the d3inc stream] rather grating if there is commentary?

      “Back online soon” T_T 

    2. out of topic,SK Inferno is cleared 1 day and a half after release:

      • and a butcher video also….

        where are all these people saying inferno won’t be cleared until ATLEAST the end of the year now… lol 

        it looked like a good difficulty though.. but doable at the same time 

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