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31 thoughts on “Diablo: IncGamers Live Gameplay Stream is Up

  1. Is there still micro-stuttering in the game? (loading assets problem) or is it fixed?

  2. The stream is not playing for me.

    Well… I can hear Elly and Flux, but video is black.

    Edit… working now.

  3. It has nothing to do with the graphic card. It`s caused by loading assets and it is noticable if you don`t have a SSD. So can anyone confirm is the micro stuttering still there? Because I will return the game if it`s still there. I pray God it isn`t

    • @Themoo I assume the fact I got an SSD for reasons other than Diablo III make it suitable even for this case eh? 🙂

  4. the microstuttering is you, i never have experienced that. try updating your motherboard SATA, ahci or other motherboard drivers. also enable vsync if your sensative to scren tearing. have you tried on a clean install? try any of the optimization tweaks?   

  5. Themoo’s question is valid, I experienced it during the open beta too – and there were quite a few bug reports/questions about it.  There were various things people did to try to help it, such as turning down/off sound effects, but it was definitely an issue.
    So, can anyone in EU verify that the stuttering problem when loading assets (casting a spell for the first time in session, breaking a new object, etc) is no longer an issue for those without ssds?

  6. Relax. In demo I had absolutely no stuttering. Remember that micro-stuttering is caused often by FRAPS running in the background and overloading the system. And you do NOT require an SSD for no stuttering.

  7. Then Why I (and a lot of players who can play BF3 on max details without any problem) experience stuttering caused by loading assets? I do NOT run any programs in the bacground like FRAPS or something.

      • He’s talking about d3 stutter problems even though he can play bf3 max settings with no problems.

        • Well it looks more like lag to me in the video, because they’re becoming super long, not just micro stutter. But I’ve had absolutely smooth gameplay during the beta. Not a single hitch or stutter, and I have a mid-tier system for today. Phenom 2 x4 955 [email protected], 4 GB DDR3 RAM, Radeon HD 6850, Seagate 320×2 HDs in RAID0 running at 3GB/s.

          • well got almost the same specc except for a hd5870 and an intel x25-m ssd and i got fps drops in large pac of monsters, from 60 fps to 41. The problems are very user dependent 🙁

  8. wolfarius

    “Seagate 320×2 HDs in RAID0 running at 3GB/s.”

    I think that`s why you are not having this issue. 

    • Perhaps. I’ve never run in single drive mode. But I put that there because 3GB/s is slow today. New motherboard all support 6 GB/s data throughput. So an SSD is surely not needed for D3. I would try a raid0 array then!

  9. I never had any problems with stuttering in the Beta, hopefully this isn’t an issue for anyone.
    Captcha : Kill Time <—best one ever

  10. Hmm, so D3 is already live in Europe?? I thought it doesn’t get released until 12 PDT in US anywhere in the world. That would have to be on average 8 hours later…

    • We’ve known for a couple months now that release times will be based on the zone, not a global simultaneous release. Asia was up even before Europe.

  11. Hi guys! did someone already seen the exclusive angel wings content in Collectors edition? Can you upload a picture or a video link for it. thanks 😀

  12. Man I am so excited problem is I’m not going to be able to play till wednsday night I am currently in a hotel overlooking the niagara falls and all I want to do is go home I feel like a lil kid and I have to make my wife keep me away from the streams I’ve even instructed her to pelt me in the junk if she catches me on twitch lol good gaming to all I will see you in sanctuary soon 

  13. Flux, you need a push to talk key. No one wants to hear you swallow, breath and drink. Other than that, pretty cool.

  14. Flux doesn’t need a push to talk, its better like this.

    Sounds like as soon as they heard it took 5 hours for others to complete Act 2, they mightve started to rush a bit and get more careless and Elly dies. 🙂

    • Ugh i didn’t need to know that.  😛  I guess this might mean it’s time for me to stop reading comments.

  15. Flux: How do I not have potions?

    *runs past rivers of potions on the ground*

    Flux: Getting sick of this skill setup.

    *hasn’t placed a skill in the slot he unlocked 45 mins ago*


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