Diablo: IncGamers Launch Night Live Show

As we race towards the big release, excitement amongst the community at Diablo: IncGamers gathers pace.  As we reach the end of this long long wait Diablo: IncGamers will be hosting a LIVE TV show on Monday 14th.

The show will run for 2+ hours as we lead up to launch in Europe at midnight. We are inviting the community to join us as we celebrate the game’s release while the team discuss all the hot topics, interview guests live and answer your questions from our Live chat.

The whole team will be taking part throughout the show and we also have some special guests from the videogame industry coming on to talk about how the Diablo series has influenced them in their game development, their memories of playing the franchise and what they look forward to seeing in the final release.  The guests will also include one of the original Diablo creators Max Schaefer so Launch Night Live is not to be missed.

We’ll also be giving away prizes kindly donated by sponsors. So yeah, free stuff.

The show will kick off at 9PM GMT (1PM PDT; full world time chart here) and run right up to zero hour at which point we shift to live streaming of the full release of Diablo 3.  Gawd, I’ve waited a long time to say those words.

To take part in the event, ask us questions, hang out with the community and be part of the video game launch of the year join our IRC room on the night or why not head there right now and get ready 🙂

It will be streamed directly on this page, no need to download or sign up for anything.

Only three more sleeps!

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    26 thoughts on “Diablo: IncGamers Launch Night Live Show

          • Always. Elly said she might have a beer or two, towards the end. At least it’s nighttim for her, though. This crap is 3 in teh afternoon my time, and it’s supposed to be like 90 degrees here that day, which is about 25 over the average this time of year.

            Sweating my ass off, tired from an early morning, wearing a headset, playing on a live stream, curtains closed for some darkness and ambiance… is not how I imagined my first few hours of D3.

    1. i never thought about it before but being in the US could be really good. with the other servers going live first it gives them time to find any issues. i am interested in this but i will probably have to miss it

    2. I’ll be there. There better be some gameplay cuz I’m not getting my CE til next morning.

    3. Awesome. Looking forward to it.
      A clarification on starting time would be nice though, as 9pm GMT is 2pm PDT (PST is winter time)

    4. This sounds ridiculously cool. Will it be recorded? And I assume there will not be any spoilers right? What about linking it to Diablo3.TV rather than right on the front page?

      • We will not speak of spoilers, but the minute the show wraps we’re going to start playing live stream, Elly and me starting off on the EU realm.  And yes, it is recorded, for people to watch later if they wish.

        There are 4 short but very good dev interviews to include as well.

      • It’s a live broadcast so it needs to be embedded on the front page here. It doesn’t play automatically, you’ll need to press play though. Their may well be spoilers because it’ll be difficult to make sure no one spills anything they know that you don’t.   It’s available for viewing afterwards and we’ll of course link it from Diablo3.TV.

        After the show has finished we’ll continue broadcasting but it’ll be gameplay of Flux and I playing hopefully. Could be interesting, especially if flux has been on the bubbly:)

        • Just wanted to say to both you Elly and to you Flux…
          Thanks for doing what you are doing. Keep up the good work and have tons of fun! I will most likely be watching it as well 🙂 “see you” there 😀
          BTW I am really hoping to get your BattleTags so that we can play together sometime 🙂 I was kind of going to the London’s HMV event but decided not to 🙂 Need to play ASAP 😀

        • I just want to point out that Elly said “their” instead of “there” in the third sentence!



    5. Sounds like a fun way to kill time before the release. You guys never dissapoint 🙂

    6. Oh wow, this looks awesome. I’ll definitely be tuning in on Monday night. :o)

      Thanks for putting this on team incgamers! 😀 

    7. Well, I’ll be in the event untill the game launches here in Europe, afterwards, sadly, I will abandon you and set out into the world of sanctuary on my own. This is one of the cases where I am cursing not being in US, it would be seriously cool to be part of the event after CET midnight, and to watch Elly’s and Fluxe’s live stream   while it is, well, live. 

      Just a minor question, but will you talk during the stream because some (all?) of the beta streams didn’t have any narration. I am not typically fan of people talking while they play, but this is Diablo 3, the hype has flown out of the roof, passed the moon and is now out of our galaxy. So it would be really cool to hear your thoughts, impressions and reactions while playing the game for the first time, while everthing is still fresh. 

    8. Just to clarify, the first part of the show before midnight is NOT a game stream, it is a live chat show with features and community input done LIVE. We will be on camera with special guests etc.

      Post midnight, Elly and Flux will be doing a live stream with commentary. That is the plan at least 🙂

    9. Could you give any spoilers as to the prizes and what we need to do to receive them? 🙂

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