For all fans of our Diablo 3 Facebook page (and all possible new fans), we’re announcing that we have changed the name of the page to Diablo: IncGamers.

    Unfortunately, a few months ago some people abused the functionality of changing names on groups and pages (some were quite hilarious, but this was the only example I could find). This forced Facebook to remove the possibility of changing these names at all. Thus we find ourselves migrating fans over by manually re-uploading photos of the crew and asking anyone who likes Diablo: IncGamers to re-add the new page as we’ll be deleting the old one shortly.

    So, in case you were a fan of the old page, or a new fan feeling Diablo: IncGamers is a pretty good source of Diablo news and information, you can go right over there and add yourself as a fan. When you’re there, you can also (not mandatory whatsoever) add your forum nickname to this thread in the discussion boards over there so people know who you are. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should reconsider this, but I’m there as the first one, anyway! (Also, if you’d like to add me as a friend there, go right ahead.)

    Besides showing your support for the site, there’s also a practical advantage to be a fan of the Facebook page, as we’ll continuously update news on the Diablo: IncGamers page, which in turn will give you the latest updates directly in your choose Facebook news feeds.

    (On a semi-related note, don’t forget we also have our Diablo Twitter feed that is updated live as soon as a news item is added here on the main site.)

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