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As they promised during the FanSite summit last month, the Diablo 3 devs are taking part in multiple interviews this month. Our turn comes tomorrow afternoon, just about 24 hours from right now. I’ve got plenty of questions, augmented by the huge lists you guys submitted a couple of weeks ago (general topic and skill-related), but I could always use more. Because moar.

moar1The interview session runs an hour and will feature Josh, Wyatt, and possibly 2 other developers, their schedules permitting. I could happily talk to the guys for 6 or 8 hours without exhausting topics and material, but since it’s only an hour, I’m going to try to make the questions count. As I (boldly?) predicted/guaranteed in my Fansite summit article, the devs are crunching on the Diablo 3 Expansion, and it will most likely debut at Blizzcon this year, but as that’s not yet “official” the devs won’t answer any questions about it. (Refer to Josh’s reply about Diablo 3 Ladders in today’s interview, for example.)

You can suggest questions about anything you want, but realize that I’m not going to waste time asking what new class(es) we’ll see in D3X, etc. I’d love to know that, but they’re not going to answer. Yet. BTW, questions don’t just have to be about new/future, either. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about some design decisions D3 took, I’ve got a few on my list about that already.

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  1. lore/design question: Why kill Deckard Cain? Was it just an insult to long-time Diablo players? It just felt unnecessary. Since the character didn’t really know Cain very well, all their dialogue about avenging Cain’s death didn’t ring true to me… (if the PC had been silent like in Diablo 2, it would have been better in this regard I think.

    As it seems to me in that case the motivations and intentions beyond your character’s actions in the game would be more thrust upon you than on your character, since you would have to create them yourself rather than having your character tell it to you through dialogue, leading to a more immersive storyline.)

  2. It’s a very small thing but one I really liked and was sad to see them removed but is there any chance we will get pet scrolls back at any point? I would like to collect gold-collecting pets, especially rare ones.

    • Yeah. The pet scrolls were awesome, IMO, especially the “fluffy” ones like the rabbit due to the incongruence of running round slaughtering daemons with blood & bodies flying all over the place while a fluffy bunny hops along side you picking up cash (but not getting covered in blood). Maybe we could have a kitten pet scroll & an Andrex puppy as well?


    Fix one game before making another.

  4. Someone made a good point elsewhere, and that is questions that are about specific things simply don’t work, try to get out of them their overall high level plans, figure out where their head is at, even if they don’t have concrete stuff, we can at least this way speculate on where they plan to take things.

    Try to veer Travis away from talking about special gimmicks they’re planning, everything aside from that in term of item overhaul is what I’m interested in.

  5. Hey Flux,

    I have 2 sugestions for questions.

    1 – Did the devs ever considered caping crit chance and crit damage to try to solve the problem with the skills that generate resource? Like BR – Into the Fray or APoC.

    2 – They already explained why they changed the old rune system from itens to things that you unlock lvling, but they never explained why they took out the evolution for the skills. When the rune were itens, they had 7 lvls, like the magic missile launching from 3 to 7 missiles depending on the lvl of your rune.

    Good luck with the interview tomorrow! Even thought i dont think they ll answer anything objectively.

  6. Q1: Aside from Loot 2.0, what other areas of the game do you think are in the most need of improvement?

    Q2: Maps are pretty linear in D3, are there any plans to improve the size and randomness in current or future acts?

    Q3: How big is the Diablo team compared to WoW and Starcraft?

    Q4: Can we expect to see more BoA gear in the future?

    Q5: How do you view “challenge” in the current state of D3? do you feel its at a good place with MP or is it something your still looking to improve upon?

    Q6: For future PvP is preset builds/skills something you’ve ever considered?

    Q7: Can we expect to see more features from D2 to show up in D3 (runes, charms, horodric cube, skill trees, ladders, game creation)? or are you looking to distance your game from D2 and let D3 come into its own?

    Q8: What is the design philosophy moving forward with skill runes? do you have plans to change how many of them fundamentally work or just adjust the numbers of how they currently work?

    Q9: What is the design philosophy for future boss fights?

    Q10: Regarding PvP, what lessons did you learn from team deathmatch that was never added? What type of PvP do you think will best fit D3?

  7. Question #1:
    D3 has hands down the best graphics/gameplay of any ARPG, but how do you feel the fundamental features of the game compare to games like Path of Exile, Torchlight 2 or even D2?

    Question #2:
    Do you guys have a really clear vision of how “Loot 2.0” is going to be implemented?

    Question #3:
    What is the design philosophy moving forward with the blacksmith, jeweler and mystique?

    Question #4:
    Can we get any teasers regarding the D3 xpac (big or small)?

    Question #5:
    Can we ever expect to see anything like the Path of Exile “maps” system in Diablo 3?

  8. Question #1) What steps are being taken with “Loot 2.0” to prevent the huge balance issues that current legendaries have? (example: legendary weapons not having a socket or critical hit damage are always worthless).

    Question #2) Will any of the loot 2.0 affixes appear on rares so that they can remain competitive with legendary items? (stats like “summons a black hole”, “walks through enemies”, “leap leaves an earthquake”.)

  9. my q: Is your team doing anything t fix legendaries so that 1 mod does not make or break item value? (for example: critical chance on mempo or lacuni) or socket on weapons and so on.

  10. From what you’ve learned through watching players test the game’s design, what broader ideas would you like to see implemented going forward? Beyond specific mechanisms or systems put into the game, what ideas do you feel need improvement, speaking in broad terms?

  11. The question the answer to which I’m most interested in:

    I have all 5 classes around Paragon level 20 in self-found gear that enables me to do MP4 – MP6 handily. As you know, drop rates are such that finding upgrades at that point is super rare. If you were in my position, what would motivate you to keep playing?

  12. Are they aware of how the lack of skill point allocation and skill trees (illusion of choice) that prevents the need to re-roll, completely destroyed any potential for a low level economy?

    Never re-rolling a new toon after each class is 60 puts maybe too much dependence on end game content?

  13. Are they still working on an alternative to the PvP arenas? Is it something that we can expect with the expansion? What is their stance on the promise they made regarding this area before D3 was launched?

    Do they think life steal and life on hit is over powered? To make health globes relevant they have to be the biggest source of healing, for that to work they have to provide sufficient amounts of healing, but what is sufficient is so gear dependent! If they could start over, how would they redesign the health recovery system for the end game?

    Are there technical reasons why they couldn’t implement a series of custom leagues into the game to give people more options for controlled economies? If UI complexity and population density were not an issue, what are some reasons we couldn’t have separate leagues for a combination of no AH, no shared stash, no trading, separate gold, etc?

    What is their stance on dungeon exploration? Do they want us to spend a significant amount of time running through already cleared areas to reach the exit, or do they think it’s more fun to know exactly where the exit is so we can keep killing monsters non-stop? One of the things that made Act3 so popular wasn’t just the monster density but also the predictable layout of most of the areas. In a way I’m very disappointed in how predictable the Cathedral dungeons are, but on the other hand it means I can avoid downtime because I can quickly see which areas lead to dead ends.

    • They said no PvP changes/improvements were under work at this point in the streamer interview today. (Transcript is the next post down.)

      I’m going to ask a couple of questions about PvP anyway, since it’s one of my pet issues.

  14. 1 – How do you plan to address build diversity other than gimmick legendaries? The game shouldn’t rely on specific legendaries to make most skills useful in a build into the end game, and the tooltip would need to be tremendous to fix a skill like Mirror Image.

    2 – Are there any plans for non DPS stat scaling for skills, such as how some WD builds enjoy pickup radius? This seems to be an avenue to help break the x-fecta monotony.

    3 – What plans are there to improve the crafting system as a supplemental, but not replacement, method of acquiring equipment?

    4 – What options are you considering to address AH hyper-inflation? Would it be feasible for players to use some in-game materials to boost, re-roll, or add a player-selected stat to an item (including beyond the maximum of 6, but not one already existing on the item, and limited to what the item type could normally carry) in exchange for the item becoming account or character bound?

    5 – What are your plans for some semblance of character permanence, and why was this considered secondary to hyper-flexible skill swapping?

    6 – In hindsight, what do know now that you wish you knew during development?

    7 – What are your favorite skills you don’t get to use in the end game? (Mine is Mirror Image. Please improve it!)

    8 – Do you feel that tying all damage to Weapon DPS has worked out well for the game? What were the benefits and drawbacks that were considered when designing this system?

  15. Same as the diablofans questions.

    Question 1: At what point does Gold become irrelevant in the game when items are selling for billions of gold each?

    Question 2: Why are dropped rares worse than legendaries and worse than crafted items? Shouldn’t found rares be the potentially best items in game, the crafted rares be about equal with legendary items?

    Question 3: Why not have soft/hard caps on attributes (crit chance, crit damage, resists, etc.) for people to strive for to ensure varied loot, and so people can gear their characters differently once they hit a cap?

    Question 4: When will all items drop and be socketed automatically with the most sockets possible? If an item can have a socket, and doesn’t it is worthless to the player who found it and everyone else.

    Question 5: Why is every ability tied to primary/weapon DPS? This means that your hero is utterly weak even at 60/100 if no gear is equipped. Why not give abilities a base damage that scales (due to your lack of skill trees) with your level and has a coefficient of damage based on weapon DPS/main stat? That way even if a player doesn’t have 400% crit damage, 50% crit and 80% IAS they can still not feel ridiculously weak?

    Question 6: When does power creep get to be too much? 500K DPS? Really?

    Question 7: Will PvP ever be balanced separately? If not, why didn’t you put the tech in place to do so? WoW PvP has been plagued by this for years, it should have been pretty obvious that D3 would be in the same boat.

    Question 8: When will all skills/runes be balanced? With over 50% of skills and runes being so under performing that they may as well be removed, what plans are in place to make them competitive without having to rely on the RNG gods to drop items which could bolster their effects?

    Question 9: Why not allow all items (end game) to be found in Hell, and leave inferno for a bragging rights/achievement/banner changer/cosmetic item bonus area? Giving people Paragon levels, MP levels, Neph Valor and other benefits for running Inferno just ensures that there are the people who can, and everyone else. The game should be about finding loot, not having to find loot to get a better chance to find the same loot. I guess the real question is, now that people are 60/100 and can farm MP10 with no problems and are asking for MP11+, at what point do you have to step back and consider that farming gear for the sake of farming the same gear more efficiently is not compelling gameplay?

    • I was logged in as Highborne. Now I am logged in as Sayaf. Though I am neither of them. This site is massively misbehaving.

  16. Why do set items have an orange/brown background like legendaries and not a green one like they do in the armory? 🙁

    (the smiley is optional)

  17. As a PC gamer, and as most of your ‘established’ fans of this site are going to be PC gamers, there may be some that are interested in console, but I don’t think the majority will be. Console seems to be the ‘big thing’ right now but frankly I skip over every single article on it.

    I realize you’ll devote some questions to console but I hope you keep them in the minority.

    Personally when I do interviews I’m a fan of open-ended get-something-for-nothing questions. For example “What is your least favorite aspect of Diablo 3 that you would like to change?” Or “What is something that would be too hard to implement, but if you could wave a magic wand and include it, you’d like to see in the game?”

    If you speak directly to developers, as a programmer myself, I’m curious about things like “What was the hardest thing to develop?” “What was easier to develop than you thought it would be?”

    Asking specific questions, you sometimes score gold and get a really interesting answer but you might get a vague evasion instead. Asking vague questions almost always ends up with interesting answers. Maybe not helpful ones, but interesting ones.

    I would save at least some of the interview, perhaps the ‘warming up’ part, for the vague questions, and then hit them with more specific ones, like why some runes or passives are DRASTICALLY under-used and some are almost as drastically over-used.

    I’m always eager to have some of my ‘quality of life’ suggestions brought to developer attention: http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/questions-for-blizzard-about-diablo-3-classes/comment-page-3#comment-118218

    The absolute easiest one that I’d love to stick them with is remembering the setting for ‘have materials’ or ‘can equip’ when you log out and log back in again. That would be so ridiculously easy to code, it’s like maybe one additional byte of data to store per account (okay probably more like a kilobyte depending on how they store data) but seriously, I’ve been asking for that since closed beta and it still hasn’t happened.

    However, an extremely popular one is a way of automatically skipping quest dialogue and cutscenes we have previously experienced. That would be harder to code of course, but it is extremely desired by a big majority of diablo 3 players. Segue into a ‘free roam’ mode that a lot of players want.

    Also, basic AH functionality shows polish if it does everything that would be expected of it. Really, really simple expectations, too. Like the ability to sort by ‘bid’ price instead of only by ‘buyout’ price. Like how setting a maximum buyout will hide all bid-only auctions, even ones that are below the maximum buyout price you put. Like how searching for ‘rares’ will hide all legendaries from the results, even if they would otherwise match the rest of your search filters. Like how posting an item for bid, the automatic minimum bid price does NOT include the 15% AH fee so if it actually SELLS for that price, you just lost 15% of the gold you could have gotten if you had just sold it to a vendor NPC 36 hours ago. Like how if you have only one chipped ruby and the average price is 30 gold, you can’t actually list it for 30 gold each because you only have one to post for auction and the minimum you can post your auction for is 100 gold.

    Also, being only able to search for certain affixes on certain item types, in spite of them actually appearing on OTHER item types (particularly legendaries) is rather annoying as well.

    Those would probably be the simplest and easiest of my suggestions/requests to really ‘stick it’ to the devs over “why the heck aren’t these in the game yet” kind of stuff. The other suggestions are good, but they have reasonable amount of work involved to implement or aren’t quite so desired by as much of the population that it’s reasonable for them to come up with a reason why they’re not in yet, although it’d be great to consider them for the future.

    Some stuff is pretty basic, though. It really should have already been part of the system a long time ago.

    • Also, as a general rule, when it comes to my suggestions, it would probably be better to phrase the question on the problem, not on a suggested solution.

      Like for instance, the reason I suggest being able to report someone AFK, even in a 2-player game, is those times when you queue for a public game, ‘any act any quest’, and you get stuck in a 2-player game with a guy that’s afk in town. So you leave, queue up again, and rejoin the exact same game. Repeat a few times, before you actually land in a game that has people playing.

      Perhaps describing that situation to the devs and saying “What would you like to do to fix this?” and then if they don’t really have any ideas or give a vague evasion or “we’d like to do something but we don’t know what” kind of answer, THEN pop up with “what about an afk reporting system, so that if there’s someone afk in the game then public people won’t join in? And the afk could automatically clear just like in WoW battlegrounds, and the guy wouldn’t know he had the afk tag, it would be invisible to him, just like in WoW battlegrounds”, etc.

      They’ll probably just reply with a “that sounds interesting but we can’t make any promises” or something and you can just move on to the next question, but it’s about the best that can be done of getting a suggestion to them, lol.

    • I’m going to ask maybe 2 or 3 console questions, but they’ll be about the economy and the changes we’ll see with no AH, fewer-but-better rares, etc, and if that’s a test run for future D3 PC changes. I asked for console questions pre-fansite summit since I knew I’d be playtesting it while I was there, but that’s not this interview.

      That said, based on how many questions I know I need for a typical hour long podcast, I’ve got about 5 hours worth on my short list for this interview right now. so I’m going to have to really pare that down to get to the key 20 or 30 I think will get the best answers.

  18. Pvp.

    1. We keep hearing that there have been a number of different pvp design iterations that have been in discussion/development. What types of pvp modes have you tested?
    2. What were/are the issues with those modes you tested?
    3. What has been the most promising pvp mode that has been tested?
    4. There have been a number of community members and Diablo fans that have taken a lot of time and put in much effort into highly detailed future ideas for the game. Have you considered posting a lengthy blog article about pvp, what the concerns and issues of pvp are and asking the community for feedback on possible pvp ideas? The community can be very passionate at times and have varied expectations and desires for d3, but there exists some amazing resources and incredibly talented and passionate fans out there that can surely provide helpful insight and ideas.

    Moddability of d3.

    A large portion of the diablo community were disappointed that d3 would have no modding tools/capability. Recently it has been mentioned that there is in fact a possibility in the future that d3 will have modding capabilities for the community. What types of limits/tools are you considering for future modding?

    What are your expectations if d3 becomes moddable?

    more followup based off their answers.

  19. Q: What is Blizzard’s vision with D3?

    They once said D3 is a trading game. But with the future of the AH up in the air, and the introduction of soulbound gear, is this still true? If not, what is D3 to Blizzard now?

  20. what kind of role is the PTR going to play with the content that is being released after BlizzCon ?

    do they plan on putting all the content on the PTR ?

    or will it be like D3’s beta where only early and limited content was playable ?

    I know they hadn’t planned on making so many patches and so many changes this past year

    so do they know believe the PTR will be necessary for Loot 2.0, and Ladders, and the Expansion, and for a good and thorough testing of all their new content ?

    or will they only put limited content on the PTR and will their policy still be like it was after initial release (patch the game as they go along) ?

    Do they see the PC Expansion being released the same time as the Console Expansion ?
    Or will the PC version be released first ?
    Is one of the design requirements of the PC patches (and Expansion) that everything also has to work in the Console patches and Expansion ?

    • Last question is interesting. If everything has to work on the console as well, then we can probably forget about any interesting design changes for the PC version.

  21. Any plans to make stash 2 tabs bigger?

  22. PvP Question;

    Arenas were played at prior Blizzcons and well received and enjoyed. Brawling was provided instead, a poor substitute that has not been well received.

    Do you have any intention to just release the arena and let the community make it something or persist in holding back content that whilst not be praised would at least provide some type of formalised environment and if not why not? Replying that you aren’t happy with the arena does not fly, as quite simply the Brawling system is even more simple and elementary then the arena.

    Power creep;

    Since people already have insanely powerful characters why would they bother to play the expansion unless you drastically change the set up. If you release content that makes current content redundant then you create an MMO issue of everything that matters occurring in the smaller future area.

    What’s your plan to incentivise people to keep playing when there is no real reason to keep playing?

  23. Just how radically will the itemisation patch change loot and the significance of certain core stats on characters?

    How can you entise people away from CC and CHD etc. onto other more interesting stats?

    As far as I can see this will require a complete overhaul of affixes and how they interact with your character. A suggestion being larger far more interesting pools of affixes that cater to specific skills/builds rather than generalised character sheet DPS/survivability.

    I’m a loot fiend at heart but unfortunately the item game is so inferior to what I expected that I won’t be returning until it is fixed but I have hope for my favourite franchie…

  24. I’ve honestly been dying to know this since my 2nd play through Normal: didn’t they notice that mainstat and Vitality were the only meaningful item mods before Inferno? If no – how could they not notice? If yes – how could they think that was acceptable for release?

  25. The most important for me is if they going to fix the engine of the game. Game is lagging/rubberanding pretty ofen with new monster density and it was always lagging when i play ww barb 4 people party. PvP won’t work if problem won’t be removed (i mean 3v3 or 4v4)

  26. Will their be more end game content? There were so many different things I could do in Diablo 2 end game, but in Diablo 3, it’s pretty much just farm essences and farm keys/ubers. The Auction house makes doing anything else less valuable. Thanks

  27. Oh and mayby one more question. What fan idea do you guys like the most? Is there a chance that we will see some ideas or part of them in game?

  28. Ask them if they consider bringing back attribute points. Or skill tree with skill points.

  29. Ok, Flux, here’s my design question:

    There is an older female barbarian concept/model, see this picture:


    It has a strong “female Conan” look, which I liked very much. Why was this strong character replaced by the rather fluffy “American girl” model which we have today?

  30. Another question:

    MMOs with their regular content updates have (since ~2005) changed the games landscape and the expectations of the audience a lot.

    Do you think that hack & slash developers will have to adapt and offer regular (large) content patches as well to compete? Did you ever consider a subscription model for Diablo 3, which would make, for example, a RMAH

  31. I have a few questions:

    1. Will we see the re-introduction of ultrarare items such as runes/runewords in the future?

    2. Currently there are too few good items in the game. With the upcoming patch, will there be a much better diversity of items?

    3. Has the dev team thought of reintroducing charms (a la D2)?

  32. The above post was me. I forgot to log on 😛

  33. I am logged in as psyadam.

  34. 1)Question: Give us an example. (Not a question, a follow up, right after a vague we’re working on… it’s on the table… we’re planning…)

    Reasoning: In order to be fair to every fansite I’m afraid they might try be as vague as they were on the streaming wednesday, until blizzcon.

    2)Question: The itemization patch will make our items worthless? Some of them? All of them?

    3)Question: We’ll see Shadow Power nerf. WotB nerf and Archon nerf will happen on the itemization patch?

    Reasoning: Don’t ask if, ask when and see what happens 🙂

    4)Question: Y U no Max CC on amulet recipes?

    Reasoning: Some people say that it’s cheaper to buy a certain duped amulet than rolling a good crafted str amulet, unless you’re lucky.

    5)Question: Any plans on removing RMAH, GAH or creating a Self-found or offline mode?

  35. Ask them what is it about Diablo 2 that they think made it so successful

    • This is a good question!

    • I can name at least one reason:

      The complete absence of the fantastic 3D virtual world experience that MMOs like WoW offer these days. 😉

      Don’t be fooled by folks that say that D2 was the “holy grail” of hack & slay with it’s classical concepts (or that dumpster game PoE). D2 was there at the right time, and that’s it. Blizzard took the right path with Diablo 3 when they eliminated all concepts that don’t really offer value, like the old skill trees etc. Now, they need to develop the things that add spice and true replayability to the game, and that needs brains and time.

      • Ah the D3 fanboys are still around.

      • They’ll tell you D2 wasn’t the king of hack and slash except it was, it was why D3 sold 12 million copies because of the hype and reputation of D2 but D3 fell flat on its face shortly after its release perhaps because it “eliminated old concepts” that “had no real value”. The devs have admitted the flaws of D3 in a very understatement way. Oh now D2’s success was due to the “timing” of its release, that is laughable to contribute its success that way. Well we know D3 has failed so maybe its concepts are not the right time, poor Diablo3. Go Blizzard, they got rid of all of those “old classical concepts” that are too early 2000’s.

      • What do you mean by “value”? I haven’t really touched D3 since I beat Diablo for the first time, but I never stopped playing around with D2. Mostly I use mods, though lately I’ve gone back to 1.00 for a laugh. There’s so much this ancient game still has to offer, while I already regret even paying half price for the sequel. Whatever value you’re looking for, I can promise someone fond it where you would not expect.

  36. 1. Infinite resource loops (CM/APoC, WotB). Does Blizzard view them as a balance problem to be solved, since let’s be frank, no other builds will ever compare to them in power due to complete and total elimination of resource management? Ultimately, it feels like the well designed combat degenerates in Inferno when you rip out a pillar of its design like that.

    2. Is Blizzard planning to equalize passive skills in terms of gameplay impact? On no planet are skills like Conflagration going to be as build/gameplay defining as Critical Mass or Arcane Flux. To put it in Borderlands terms, we have “Game Changers” in the same pool as as the crappy, tiny, boring, “WoW like +5%” statistical boosts.

    3. Life leach, life leach, life leach. It’s part of the same problem as pot spam was in D2. Are there any plans to gate life leach mechanics and re-emphasize the (imo) much more interesting for gameplay life orbs?

  37. I too, am interested in the explanation of the old rune-ranks issue.

    It´s bad enough that they decided to take away the entire idea of runes being items that are found throughout the world, thus makig the who discovery of “new skills” that much more exciting and interesting, I can live with the current sytem.
    What I really hated losing, was the fact that each of the original 5 runes (after having being cut down from 10, naturally), had 7 ranks or so, making finding these high rank runes (or even crafting them after a while, for that matter) another depth aspect of the game that was completely wiped from the game we received.

    I don´t neccessarily have to agree with Wyatt on their reasoning for dropping the runes as findable items, even if I can understand some of the reason behind it, but taking perhaps the one truly ingenious idea in the planning and making of D3 superior and innovating in comparison to D2, then throwing it to the garbage and giving us an instant gratification and shallow system that we got…. I want to know how can they be pleased with that?

    This is coming from a guy who LOVES D3 despite it´s huge downsides, but really, that was the one thing that really disappointed me as we got closer to release back in 2012.

  38. Will eventually all skills and passive have a HUD icon? I think all skills that modifies stats and gives temporal bonuses should be seen on screen PLEASE!

  39. Hello. First excuse me from my english, i m not a native speaker.

    I have a simple question : Do the developpers plan to redo the rules of gameplay ?

    The current rules system is too simple. We are all looking for statistics improving offense and defense, but we are not trying to personalize our character.

    I see several problems with the current system.

    1 Secondary stats are most of the time useless (a wizard does not want strenght or dexterity on items, same with intelligence/dexterity for a barbarian…)
    A redo could be something similar to what diablo 1 and 2 did :
    strenght increase your melee physical damage and armor
    dexterity increase your chance to hit, your chance to dodge and your ranged weapon damage
    intelligence improves elemental damage, elemental resistance and ressource managment

    2 The defense mecanisms are “not clear”/not “realist”/ not “lore friendly” : physical damage mitigation is still a fonction of your elemental resistance, elemental damage mitigation is still dependant of your armor.

    3 Skills damage tied to weapons damage again does not seem logical in a fantasy world : why a fireball should be dependant of my weapon damage? Melee classes should put emphasis on weapons, while casters classes should/could focus on other iteme.

    4 Skills could be part elemental, part physical.
    Physical part could be : slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, bleeding etc…
    Elemental damage could be : arcane, frost etc…
    For instance, Bash (barbarian skill) could be a 100% physical damage : 100% bludgeoning, Rend could be : 100% physical(50 slashing, 50% bleeding), Earthquake 90% elemental (fire damage), 10% physical (bludgeoning damage). The wizard tornado could be 50% physical (slashing) and 50% elemental (arcane), spectral blades could be 80% physical (60% slashing, 40% bleeding) 20% elemental (100 % arcane).

    This system would allow new simple magic properties (improves physical damage on weapons by x%, improves fire elemetal damage…) and allow players to differentiate their character from another one : one barbarian could choose to maximise fire damage for earthquake, while another would improve bleeding damage and play a “dot” barbarian with Rend.

    Those are just examples to show how a different system could lead to better personalisation from players.

    Thank you

  40. Please ask about self-found mode/mark, they told they consider it, just ask, this can be done in 1.09. Let me pick other SF games and join them. Whats the point playing with pay2win players… its like closed bn and open bn with everyone wearing the same godly items.

  41. Do you plan to let modders do anything with the game at some point?

    • Lylirra said at the fansite event (mentioned in my write up) that they are definitely considering allowing modding at some point. Which I was surprised to hear.

      I had that on my list for today, but it was one of the many questions I didn’t have time to ask. Alas.

  42. Question about Music: Why there is no famous notes which were present in almost all pieces from d1 and d2?

  43. I want to know if there is any way possible that both auction houses will be removed from the game. Since you can get the best gear from buying it off the auction houses this completely removes the item find hunt from being viable.

  44. Monk skills: After being told during dev that they wanted people to mix spirit gen why dont they allow us create some sort of combination between those skills and create a new on, for example first strike is thunder clap the deadly reach and finish of with crippling wave.

  45. First a statement.  

    Diablo 3 has taken a large chunk of the fun out of character development, itemization, and world exploration, any improvements to these three areas would be a huge step in the right direction.


    1.  Are there any plans to decrease the linearity of existing acts by patching in additional zones and side quests?

    2.  A lot of speak about itemization has centered on legendaries, and rightfully so, but are there any plans for making magic/rare items more interesting?  A suggestion would be to add +skill damage affix back to these tier of items.  Buffs to legendaries only would merely serve as AH bait, considering the low drop rate.

    3.  Currently, our characters develop on a predetermined, linear path.  Are there any plans to give some character development power back to the player that is more than just cosmetic changes?

    4.  There is a lot of talk about the AH, especially the controversy surrounding its mere existence.  My opinion is that it severely hurts the game.  I understand removing it would create a large trading void, but why not just add in a “marketplace”?  A place where players can still anonymously list their items for trade, and they can set minimum stat values to affixes on an item they’d like to get in return.  Like must have a least 100str, 2 sockets, and 45 fire dam, and only offers that meet these minimum requirements will get forwarded to the “seller,” they’ve got 24-48 hrs to decide or cancel the listing.  The end.

    5.  Any plans for gray/white items?  Maybe make them a part of crafting?  For example, if you’d like to make an uber duber broadsword of lightning, maybe have a gray/white broadsword be a key reagent, with the gold cost of crafting be higher for using a gray item vs a white.

    6.  Are there any plans to buff the effect of non primary stat for each class?  To be honest, the primary stat + vit system is pretty boring.

    To flux and inc gamers staff.

    Please avoid any questions about lore and artwork.  I understand a lot of people care about this stuff, I do too, but the game has some pretty severe problems that are a much bigger priority IMO.

  46. I wish I had seen this news article sooner : /

    Looks like I’m too late to submit any questions.

  47. Ok, there are 5 pages of questions/comments already… TLDR

    Q1: Will there be a second xpac (as stated in the 2010 diagrams)?

    Q2: If the first xpac class will be STR-based, than what will the 2nd xpac class be?

    Q3: Will there be a goblin realm to fight in? Let’s say after a goblin stole all your stuff…?

    Q4: Will there be an option which allows us to fight random monstertype in a random area? E.G.Hordes of goatmen in an A3 Arreat crater… etc

    Q5: Will we battle Adria?

    Q6: Since Tyrael is the only angel guarding Heaven, will there be an option to overthrow his dictatorship and become the sole ruler of both evil and good?

    7: Will there be an area clearance XP/GP bonus? Also for entire acts?

    Q8: Will there be a visual (sun rays from Den of evil in D2) if an area is cleansed?

  48. All I would like to know if/when they will be implementing the Ironborn system. Since this is the only reason I would ever touch this game again.

  49. Hi,

    i wanted to ask if we will see something like runewords in d2.
    It really kept me farming all the time for the high value (IST, OHM) runes back in the days of D2.
    In addition some runewords enabled great builds and we all know d3 needs some more build diversity.
    It also helps white items to become very rare and special if they will be needed for a particular build.

    Greets shoko

  50. Huge fan of the Diablo franchise here. I don’t really play Diablo 3 anymore as it just wasn’t as fun compared to Diablo 1 & 2. I still play Diablo 2 about 60 hours a year.

    The game just seems to linear. Maps really don’t change much.

    Here’s my question: Who designed the waypoint system and Why?

  51. Hi; I would like to know if there are any details/info that can be revealed at this time about the ypcoming expansion/
    Thanks for a great game!

  52. Why did you decide to omit all e-sport elements and assume that people would still grind and grind and grind?

  53. Are you planning to add some kind of player choice based skill progression/upgrades to/on top of the current system?

    Are you planning to add weapon switch?

    Are you planning to add class based weapon speed modifier? Like a class could use a 2H axe or staff faster than an another.

  54. i’ve been playing D3 for almost a year now and have had to rely solely on drops and AH acquisitions for better gear and therefor play advancement. however i’ve never been able to make ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ or especially ‘billions’ of dollars. i’ve been playing almost 4 hours most days and am getting very exasperated at watching the ‘rich’ (botters, gold farmers, etc) control this game. i can see that the latest ‘remodeling’ of the currency to 10 mil has helped. but it would take me years (years) to reach the level i need to defeat Diablo on MP10 solo. i have calculated that either through buying gold or paying for items cash on the RMAH it would take me between $500-$1,000 to get BIS gear for my build. it’s getting to the point where it may be time to look somewhere else for my ‘entertainment’ as a gammer. so my question is this:

    when, how, and in what way will u make the game more accessible to ‘regular’ but consistent players?

  55. QUOTE

    I wish I had seen this news article sooner : /
    Looks like I'm too late to submit any questions.

    my thoughts exactly!! 🙁

  56. 1) Why work on an expansion when the original game is still so broken?
    2) Do you agree that the whole concept of pay to win (with an associated percentage going to Blizzard) through the RMAH was a bad idea?
    3) What will you do about bots?
    4) Why make all skills available to all characters? (All ‘builds’ are the same apart from gear).
    5) Why are all characters looking for gear with the same attributes (e.g. IAS)?
    6) How embarrassed are you when you look at POE?
    7) Why don’t you fix the game (take as long as it needs – probably 2-3 years) and issue a free download for all registered players?
    8) Why don’t you introduce events and ladders?

  57. Did you find a solution to fight the inflation? Otherwise, gold be worth 1 cent per billion one day… imop :-/

  58. One they probably wouldn’t comment on but I’d love to know if Marvel Heroes has had any impact on Diablo’s future design directions? And if so, is there anything they can share about that design direction?

  59. Diablo 3 has been out for a year and a half now, exept paragon lvl and monster power that has been it’s challenges why you don’t intoduce a very simple way, like infinite dungeons, to keep the players occupied?

  60. Skillswap in town
    Question: Ever though on making the “W” key a skillswap while being in town? Have us swap between 2 different builds very fast.

    Lock & Sell items
    Question: Are we going to see a lock feature that does apply in not selling it to the vendor and at the same time have an “sell all” button that works only on objects that aren’t locked in the inventory? I do not mean lock items, I mean lock areas, the grid that we see behind any item laying in the inventory. Lock a grid vertical x 2 rows could proven to be something nice to input.

    Move items on AH
    Question: If AH is still around after the expansion, why not let us right click on an item and choose “move around” to move it across characters and stash while being in the AH?

    Question: When will the thorns be changed, you guys had an idea to make it better. Maybe it is for the huge itemization patch?

    Hardcore more attractive
    Question: Are you going to give hardcore players something more in terms of items that are exclusive this gamemode? These items could be visuall appealing and do no buff for example, just for show and for some respect. Maybe something we can trigger once we hit 60 or paragon 100 or earlier even?

    Gems and other materials
    Question: Stack 500 – 1000 in general would be nice. Gems 500 or more would be much appreciated for example. Something to fix in a patch?

    Girl at the well
    Question: Why was this mini-event cut from the game? And will we see this sidequest/mini-event once more?

    Dye wings
    Question: While dyes are being applied to legendaries, will you concider to make PC-version of the wings dye-able?

    3rd Artisan sells us mini-events
    Question: If a third artisan are input in the game, for example The Mystic. Could she sell us events? Like, extra side-quests that will in the future unlock at random on hotspots? For example, act 1 – fields of misery. There is a small pond with water, but no strange monsters or enemies. If this event was bought, there could be more sidequests in a natural way.

    Question: Are we going to see more of Dirgest, the demon in the jewel?

    Question: Have you guys ever concidered a mid-range class like a strenght-based character with whip, spear or scythe that loves shield and have the knowledge to even shapeshift. Resource could use healthpotions and orbs to fill it up if it were also to use minions somehow. D2 Paladin + D2X Druid + D2 Necromancer = D3X Deathknight? Or D3X Pathfinder? etc.

    I write news on a swedish Diablo 3 fansite. I have tried to reach Blizzard with no success. How do I sign up? – Diablo3pvp.se

  61. are you actually gonna make this game worth playing 5 years from now?
    I’m asking because i have played diablo 2 with great joy, for many years, and 1 year after the diablo 3 release, i’m bored out of my ass.
    Basicly, if i want a better equip, i have to pay A LOT of REAL MONEY to do so. 1000-2000 mill per item takes a while.
    Imagine having to get 10,000 mill PER ITEM to upgrade your character :S Fun time is over pretty soon like that, because why take the time getting such upgrades when you already pretty much own the game?
    It’s not as if the PVP is interresting, nor is there a survival mode.
    IF Blizzard wants to win me back, they will have to take drastic measures.

  62. Why not use the PTR to test certain skill boosts, instead of making small and incremental skill changes such as 10% extra damage?

    For example, why not make Magic Missile do double damage (250% wdmg instead of 125% wdmg) in the PTR just to see if you could actually use it in a build?

  63. Why the D3 dev team cannot release more content update more quickly? In other words, why it takes Blizzard longer time to release less quality updates? Especially when compared to other RPG games, like Path of Exile, Borderlands 2. They have lots of updates that are good and definitely not rushed considering they were released in a rather short span of time when put against D3’s 1 year and 3 months.

    The biggest content update for D3 thus far are Paragon level, monster power, uber bossess, the extremely lackluster brawling, and the addition of some crafting recipes. And it has been many months since last major update. Is it really that hard to make new areas, endless dungeons, new legendaries(which I think there should be at least 20-30 more)?

  64. I <3 that cockatoo.

  65. Why don’t we have 50% movement speed yet?
    Why aren’t elements working properly (EG SoJ)?
    Can you please change all the useless skills and ask US what we want out of them so you don’t screw it up?

    I have plenty more, just take your pick.

  66. 1) Why did it take so long to release the PVP content patch?

    2) How do you know the PVP content will be balanced?
    – PVP will just be about the first critical hit.

  67. Will there be a better version of PvP coming, and will Blizzard support competitive play ?

  68. I wonder if there are any plans for introducing jewels into Diablo III. The prefix system in place for items would make the creation of jewels fairly straight forward. A Jewel of Destruction would increase minimum damage by 9%; a Jewel of Smiting would add 47–211% Holy Damage; A Glittering Jewel would increase gold find by 15–16% etc.

    Furthermore, I wonder if any thought has been given to a offering a means by which players can socket exception (but non-magical) weapons and armour.

  69. HDD specifications?

    What is the current approx. size of a character save file?

    What is the approx size of any HDD space used by the game other than saves?

    What is the maximum no. of characters allowed per user? (Is it limited to 5 Standard & 5 Hardcore, or is it unlimited utilizing save files?)

  70. I know you (D3 team) are already working on itemization and making legendaries actually “legendary”… However I also want to know whether you are looking at diversifying the legendary drops that we currently get. I’m not talking about increasing/decreasing drops, but making it highly improbably for a gamer to constantly get the same legendary drops. For example: Say there are a total of 30 legendary items in the game. And after playing for 1000 hours, the gamer gets 100 legendary drops… however, of those 100, the gamer only sees 10 unique legendaries…

    I see SOOOO many different legendaries in the game guide, so it gets a bit repetitive when you hear that awesome LEGENDARY SOUND… but I see the same legendaries again and again…

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