As they promised during the FanSite summit last month, the Diablo 3 devs are taking part in multiple interviews this month. Our turn comes tomorrow afternoon, just about 24 hours from right now. I’ve got plenty of questions, augmented by the huge lists you guys submitted a couple of weeks ago (general topic and skill-related), but I could always use more. Because moar.

    moar1The interview session runs an hour and will feature Josh, Wyatt, and possibly 2 other developers, their schedules permitting. I could happily talk to the guys for 6 or 8 hours without exhausting topics and material, but since it’s only an hour, I’m going to try to make the questions count. As I (boldly?) predicted/guaranteed in my Fansite summit article, the devs are crunching on the Diablo 3 Expansion, and it will most likely debut at Blizzcon this year, but as that’s not yet “official” the devs won’t answer any questions about it. (Refer to Josh’s reply about Diablo 3 Ladders in today’s interview, for example.)

    You can suggest questions about anything you want, but realize that I’m not going to waste time asking what new class(es) we’ll see in D3X, etc. I’d love to know that, but they’re not going to answer. Yet. BTW, questions don’t just have to be about new/future, either. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about some design decisions D3 took, I’ve got a few on my list about that already.

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