Greetings, nephalem! I’ll be doing something new this month, so I hope you’ll all bear with me as we try it out together, it’s The Diablo IncGamers Clan Dispatch: Volume I.

    People from the IncGamers Americas clan are sharing lots of good, insightful comments about the game. Rather than let them die as they scroll off the chat page, never to be seen again, I wanted to share them with all of you. That way, whether or not you’re in a clan, you can all join in the discussion and share your ideas.

    Ready? Here we go!

    2H Weapons on Crusader Are Great. But 1H Weapons? Meh…

    IncGamers Americas Clan Roster

    IncGamers Americas #2 Clan Roster

    People have been complaining for a while about how useless 2H weapons feel – so you can imagine how thankful they are that the Crusader can wield them in one hand. In fact, he benefits so much from them that it feels like a waste to use a 1H weapon on him.

    Clan member SOC brought up an interesting question in chat: do the devs want 1H weapons to be comparable to 2H weapons for the Crusader? Should they try to make 1H weapons more competitive, or are people cool with having a slow Crusader with a souped-up main weapon?

    I honestly haven’t used anything other than a 2H weapon since the earliest levels on my own Crusader, but the idea is worth considering. Would you consider using a 1H weapon on a Crusader if there were a better bonus for it beyond higher movement speed? Or do you welcome our glorious Heavenly Strength-wielding overlords?


    Adventure Mode Is Awesome, But What About Campaign Mode?

    Flux has been mentioning since the beta that Adventure Mode is superior to Campaign Mode in practically every way. Several clan members chimed in to agree recently, and one – Revolt – said he finds Campaign Mode especially boring compared to bounties and rifts.

    “My Crusader is level 37 in Act 2, and I just don’t want to finish Campaign Mode,” he said in chat. Several others backed up that statement, saying that Campaign Mode feels sluggish now.

    Then again, CaptainObvious pointed out, people have been playing Campaign Mode for a long time. If you took five characters (one for each class) from Normal through Inferno, you’d have heard the story 20 times already. By that point, any tale starts to feel sort of stale. People may feel the same way after hundreds or thousands of bounty and rift runs.

    Should the devs do more to buff up the rewards in Campaign Mode? Or not worry about it so much, and focus on making Adventure Mode more awesome?


    The Rewards We’d Like To Get From Ladder Seasons

    SOC brought up another idea: what rewards we want for doing ladder seasons. While he misses ladders in D2, he hopes whatever we get for participating in the D3 version aren’t such that you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t play them.

    Changing builds all the time gets old, he said, adding that he’s thankful we’ve left behind a world where you have to roll a new character if you want a new build. But if not ladder-exclusive gear, what should we get for participating in them?

    “Cosmetic items that can only be acquired in ladders – like pets, banners, dyes, transmogs, etc. would be cool,” he said. Those types of items would show others that you participated – and maybe that you achieved something cool – but wouldn’t give you any build-changing items not found outside ladders.

    Most of those in the discussion feel there needs to be an incentive to play ladders, but what form should they take? Would you prefer ladder-exclusive gear, or do you prefer cool cosmetic rewards for participating instead – something cool and visible, but mostly for show?


    What We Expect Will Be Added To The Game Soon™

    I asked the guys what they expect will be added between now and the next expansion (if there is one), outside of ladder seasons, competitive rifts and rankings.

    SOC would like a better system to help players get specific legendaries they want, while Tigerpaw and Ignatius said they expect a few more legendaries and sets will get added, along with adjustments to rifts (which SOC said they’ll have to tweak to prepare them for ladders.)

    Of course, the game’s community managers have said before that the devs never expected to patch the game to the extent they have. Still, do you think they might add more robust content before the next expansion – or nothing, aside from ladders and a few items?

    Crusader Still Going Through Lots of Fine Tuning

    The list of changes to the Crusader class in the recent patch was pretty lengthy. Before it went live, we discussed the Crusader’s strengths and weaknesses, and SOC voiced several complaints about the class’s current skills.

    He wondered why Heaven’s Fury has such a low cooldown, why Condemn is so strong, why Falling Sword is so weak, why Holy Shock does Physical damage, and why the burning damage from Sweep Attack is so weak. Others pointed out similar areas where balancing is needed.

    Overall, people in the discussion were divided on whether the class felt too powerful, too weak, or just right. Hexal said he felt the class was overpowered in some areas (like AoE damage) but underpowered in others (like single-target attacks), while Menarus said the Crusader was too strong in general.

    I’m running a “hammer spammer” build myself, so I was glad to see Justice buffed in the recent patch. What about the rest of you, though? Is he overpowered? Underpowered? GLOOOORIOUS?

    Conclusion: Join In The Discussion

    It was fun hearing people’s thoughts on how the game feels after playing the expansion for a few weeks. If everyone likes the idea, maybe we can schedule a time for clan members to all share what’s on their mind about the game at some point?

    In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye on the chat for popular issues, and asking for your input on them. Let me know what you guys think about the idea in the comments.

    Waterfiend is a Diablo IncGamers contributor. Say hello at his forum profile, or on Twitter @Waterfiend1909.

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