Back in October 2011 we interviewed author David Craddock on the podcast and heard all about his ongoing project; Stay Awhile and Listen, a book charting the history of Blizzard North and the development of the early Diablo games. The project grew much larger than David anticipated back then, and he’s been working on it ever since. You probably heard his name now and then when he popped up with curious tidbits about how Diablo was almost set in space, was almost turned into a Diablo Jr. for the Gameboy, how Hardcore almost made its debut in Diablo 1, and more.

    Well, much to David’s relief and our gratitude, the book is nearly ready for release, and will be out later this year. We can’t say when yet, but I’m looking forward to reading an advance copy and interviewing David again as the date draws near. For now, we’ve got a cool promotion that David cooked up. Since this book is all about the early years of Blizzard North and the creation of Diablo 1, David wants to hear your best stories about corpse runs in Diablo 1.

    Recall that death in Diablo 1 was not like Diablo 2 and certainly unlike the very minor inconvenience that is non-HC in Diablo 3. In the good old days, when you died to a monster you really died — all of your gear fountained out right onto the dungeon floor, and if you wanted it back you had to restart in town, make your way back down to your corpse, and then somehow deal with the monsters standing over your body. The best case scenario was dying near an internal dungeon wall, so that you could return through a cleared area and use Telekinesis to grab your gear over the wall. That was seldom the case though, and players often had to use themselves as naked, toothless bait, desperately trying to dodge and herd and Stone Curse the enemies away from the equipment you were helpless without.

    Even as I type this numerous such adventures are returning to my memory…

    If you share similar memories of such delightful torture in D1, here’s your chance to leverage them into fame and fortune. We’re teaming up with David Craddock to collect the best stories of your Diablo 1 corpse runs. Entries can be up to 300 words in length and should be posted in comments to this news post. The one judged best will win a free copy of his book when it’s published later this year, and the winner will be included in the book itself!

    Click through for the full contest rules and guidelines, and good luck. You’ve got until next week to submit your entry, but don’t delay. As Cain might have said, “Stay awhile and narrate.”

    Here’s the official description and rules for the contest, as submitted to us by David Craddock. Read them and then hit your Diablo 1 corpse run story in the comments, for all to regard with fear and wonder.

    Diablo.IncGamers and DM Press Present: “You Can’t Take It with You” Contest

    “You can’t take it with you,” as the saying goes. When we shuffle off this mortal coil, we leave behind all our material goods. Death is not quite as final in Diablo. Your avatar lets loose a blood-curdling scream and crumples to the ground, clutching all the loot you held upon your demise.

    Fortunately, you’re down and out only as long as it takes for your friends to jump online and formulate a plan to help you survive the corpse run–a suicidal charge right back into the danger you escaped in an effort to retrieve the hard-won sword, helm, armor, and ability-boosting rings left to rot on the bloody stone floor.

    DM Press, publisher of the Stay Awhile and Listen series, and Diablo.IncGamers want to hear your best corpse run story from the original Diablo. Tell us about your narrowest escape or your desperation to reclaim a ring so powerful you couldn’t imagine ever challenging Hell’s hordes again without it. Or perhaps you were the savior, a hero willing to attract the attention of a pack of demons while the stranger you met moments ago on Battle.net darted in to salvage his cadaver’s trinkets.

    To enter the “You Can’t Take It with You” contest, register an account on Diablo.IncGamers and submit a story of no more than 300 words describing your most memorable corpse run in the comments section below. All entries must be received before August 31, 2013, at 12:01 am Pacific. Entry is limited to one story per participant. The winning entry will be published in the first volume of Stay Awhile and Listen, and the author of the winning entry will receive a free copy of the eBook on the Kindle, iTunes, or Nook eBook platform. Five runners-up will see their entries commemorated in the DM Press Hall of Heroes, an online gallery dedicated to the most campfire-worthy stories our readers have to offer.

    Please note that we will only consider corpse run stories from the first Diablo, not Diablo II.


    * Contest open to registered Diablo.IncGamers users only and are subject to Diablo.IncGamers.com rules, eligibility, and guidelines.

    * Stories must not exceed 300 words in length and must be submitted to the Diablo.IncGamers article entitled “Diablo.IncGamers and DM Press Present: You Can’t Take It with You.” Stories concerning corpse runs in Diablo II will not be considered.

    * Deadline: Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, September 3, 2013, at 11:59pm Pacific.

    * Diablo.IncGamers and DM Press editors will select a winner and five runners-up from all submitted entries. Winners and runners-up will be announced on September 5, 2013. The winner will receive ONE COPY of the first Stay Awhile and Listen book on the Nook, Kindle, or iTunes eBook platforms on the day of the book’s release. Stay Awhile and Listen release date to be determined.

    * DM Press reserves the right to publish any and all stories in printed and electronic editions of Stay Awhile and Listen, as well as promotional materials included by not limited to websites and social media networks.

    Update: Winners announced in this post.

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