According to the latest NetEase financial call the development of the mobile Diablo, Diablo Immortal, is almost ready for phones everywhere. Have you got a phone?

    Despite the fact the new mobile game has apparently almost been completed, don’t fire up your devices just yet because according to Netease there is still no release date for the game. During their latest financial call they were specifically asked about a release date and responded:

    Diablo Immortal, we are the co-developer on that game together with Blizzard. As to the exact launch timetable, I would encourage markets (?) to direct the question directly to Activision Blizzard as from a co-developer’s perspective, the game development is pretty much ready. Of course, there is always be space for us to optimize and enhance, but it is not any concern that the development side will cause any potential delay.

    While many of you will probably be wanting Blizzard to get on with it and release the game so this strange chapter in Diablo history is closed for good, Blizzard will probably coincide a release date announcement with some event.

    Thanks MMOCulture.


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