A fan wondering about the color coding of different types of items in Diablo III quoted our DiabloWiki.net items page on the details, and got a clarification from Bashiok. (I’ve updated the wiki page with this new info, so it no longer matches the quote below.)

    It has been discussed before but i would like a clarification on the topic as I am interested in what has happened since I last read about it. What color will legendary item texts be? and the other item types? please could someone inform me on the matter with a list of what the item type is and its text color. please tell me gold text is back in for the ‘unique’ items because i loved it in d2 and I think it would work fine again as gold is a sought after mineral and generally paired with rare and precious things.

    D3 Colors:
    Runes: Purple
    Legendary Items: Orange
    Rare Items: Yellow
    Set Items: Green (Quest items and Lore items are also green, but these are not equippable in D3.)
    Magical Items: Blue
    Normal Items: White
    Junk Items: Gray

    Bashiok: That looks correct except sets are not their own item type.

    Legendaries can be a part of a set and have set bonuses. There’s no separate item type for sets. They’re all orange.

    (Quest and lore items are green.)

    It’s probably silly to care so much about the colors of items, but as we’ve all been well trained by D1 and D2… I will miss gold lettering for uniques legendaries. I can accept that yellow and gold were too similar in color, especially as monitors and video cards varied greatly, but why did D3 lose the coolest item colors (gold and green), keep the meh color (yellow), and add two stupid clown colors (orange and purple)?

    Yes, D2 had orange for crafted items, and we’ve still got green, but it’s wasted on lore/quest items? I agree with most of the aesthetic choices in D3’s design, but this one perplexes me. It’s like they want to keep fueling the “too colorful/WoW rainbow” jokes?

    Color aside, it’ll be more clear once we’ve played the game for a while, but it seems weird not having sets be… sets. I guess it makes sense; the items DiabloWikiArtisans make from DiabloWikirecipes with DiabloWikimaterials aren’t some special category of DiabloWikicrafted items; they’re just magical or rare or set or legendary, depending on the possible mods. If a recipe yields 1 or 2 mods, then it’s magical. If it yields 3 or more semi-random, then it’s rare. If it yields more than two mods and some are pre-set or special, then it’s legendary, and possibly in an Item Set.

    But at this point, with my thinking still mostly derived from D2’s item system, D3’s item classification seems kind of overlapping and indistinct.

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