The skill revamp I mentioned a week ago continues, and we now present another polished set of skills. It’s the high level Arcane skills of the Wizard, bringing more nasty spells to all us DiabloWikiWizard fans. These are some of the coolest spells in the new game, or cool remakes of old ones:

    • DiabloWikiArcane Orb – First major damage spell of the Wizard. It’s like a Fireball, but Arcane, and looks like a Frozen Orb.
    • DiabloWikiSlow Time – Probably one of the coolest spelsl in Diablo III, allowing the Wizard a small area of relative safety as well as an option to push back spells using the DiabloWikiWave of Force mentioned last week.
    • DiabloWikiArcane Distortion – Arcane Distortion is a Tier 3 Passive skill, slowing enemies hit by Arcane spells.
    • DiabloWikiMana Recovery – Mana Recovery is a Tier 3 Passive skill, making enemies dropping DiabloWikiMana Globes.
    • DiabloWikiImproved Magic Missile – Improved Magic Missile is a Tier 3 Passive skill, improving the spell DiabloWikiMagic Missile with more missiles and damage.
    • DiabloWikiTemporal Armor – You might think it’s Mana Shield, but it’s not! Instead the shield will block ALL damage from one attack every 6 seconds. Very interesting skill!
    • DiabloWikiTeleport – The favourite from D1 and D2 is back. A little slower, but can now be used offensively with a DiabloWikiStriking Rune.
    • DiabloWikiGreater Mana – Greater Mana is a Tier 4 Passive skill, the one you need to put points in to get more DiabloWikiMana, now when DiabloWikiWillpower insrease regeneration rather than the pool itself.
    • DiabloWikiMana Burst – Mana Burst is a Tier 4 Passive skill, allowing the Wizard to deal extra damage if they cast spells with full mana.
    • DiabloWikiRunic Might – Runic Might is a Tier 4 Passive skill, increasing DiabloWikiskill rune power for all spells.

    If you have time to help out in the wiki, add more pictures to these spell articles from the Diablo 3 gallery! We even have a nice help page for how to add all sorts of pictures. Leave a comment here, or e-mail if you need any help at all.

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