We never stopped thinking about those wonderful Diablo skills during the downtime of DiabloWiki, and we are continuing with adding more details to them now that the wiki is back up again! Like the Arcane skills already added, the Conjuring skills are now getting their time in the limelight! Just remember that while some skills are spells, all spells are skills. Yes, a little complex, but it makes sense if you think about it.

    This is probably the only skill tree with almost no major reference to Dungeons & Dragons pen and paper RPG spells, somethign that is very prominent in the Arcane tree for instance.

    First of the how to add all sorts of pictures are the nine skills from the first two tiers of skills:

    • DiabloWikiSpectral Blade – The spell which already is an ultra-classic for the Wizard. Snikt-snikt and monsters die galore.
    • DiabloWikiSpell Speed – Spell Speed is a Tier 1 passive skill, making DiabloWikiMagic Missiles travel faster.
    • DiabloWikiDamage Resistance – Damage Resistance is a Tier 1 passive skill, increasing armor value and resistances.
    • DiabloWikiWeapon Mastery – Weapon Mastery is a Tier 1 passive skill, flat increase of damage dealt with regular weapons. Quite a strange skill. Perhaps we’ll see a lot more DiabloWikimelee Wizards than we saw hand to hand Sorcerers in Diablo II…

    how to add all sorts of pictures
    The casting animation of DiabloWikiMirror Image.

    • DiabloWikiStone Skin – This is one of the few active skills there are no screenshots, or gameplay video footage of. Hopefully remedied at BlizzCon 2009! As the name say: It give you stone skin, absorbing damage.
    • DiabloWikiMirror Image – Quite cool, and still a little bit of a mystery. Mirror image creates 5 copies of the Wizard as decoys, but they have health, and also seem to fight!
    • DiabloWikiConjured Armor – Conjured Armor is a Tier 2 passive skill, increasing blocking.
    • DiabloWikiConjured Health – Conjured Health is a Tier 2 passive skill, increasing DiabloWikihealth of the Wizard as well as conjured images (like Mirror Image).
    • DiabloWikiDuplicate Conjuring – Duplicate Conjuring is a Tier 2 passive skill, increases the number of images summoned with Mirror Image and Hydra.

    If you have time to help out in the wiki, add more pictures to these spell articles from the Diablo 3 gallery! We even have a nice help page for how to add all sorts of pictures. Leave a comment here, or e-mail if you need any help at all.

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