We have started our revamp of arguable the most interesting part of Diablo III: The DiabloWikiSkills! DiabloWiki really has all interesting information available about the Spells of D3, but we are now improving this further by adding it all together in individual articles for each spell. More details, and easier to overview. Everything you could want. Just remember that while some skills are spells, all spells are skills!

    First out is the DiabloWikiWizard, and her first two Tiers of spells from the DiabloWikiArcane Skill Tree:

    • DiabloWikiMagic Missile – First in the line of spells clearly inspired by D&D (which we KNOW they are…). Blizzard is going back to their roots, but giving it a new twist. This is the only Active spell in the first tier of the Arcane skill tree. Below you have three Passive skills to boost spell power!
    • DiabloWikiArcane Power – Arcane Power is a Tier 1 passive skill, increasing all arcane damage by a percentage per skill rank.
    • DiabloWikiEfficient Magics – Efficient Magics is a Tier 1 passive skill, decreasing skill mana cost.
    • DiabloWikiPenetrating Spells – Penetrating Spells is a Tier 1 passive skill from the Wizard’s Arcane skill tree, lowering opponent resistances.

    • DiabloWikiDisintegrate – Second in line of D&D spells. This is a powerful Tier 2 “laser-like” spell that instantly damages every enemy in a line. The first takes the most damage, and subsequent enemies take less after that.
    • DiabloWikiWave of Force – Almost more of a defensive spell than a damage spell, Tier 2 WoF will push back monsters, objects and projectiles from the Wizard. Seen used with Slow Time to stop enemy projectiles and throw them back at the shooter.
    • DiabloWikiArcane Armor – Arcane Armor is a Tier 2 passive skill, increasing armor while armor spells are active.
    • DiabloWikiArcane Weakness – Arcane Weakness is a Tier 2 passive skill, adding a DiabloWikidebuff to enemies hit with Arcane spells.
    • DiabloWikiArcane Speed – Arcane Speed is a Tier 2 passive skill, shortening the DiabloWikicooldown on arcane spells.

    If you have time to help out in the wiki, add more pictures to these spell articles from the Diablo 3 gallery! We even have a nice help page for how to add all sorts of pictures. Leave a comment here, or e-mail if you need any help at all.

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