Diablo III: Wrath Video Unlocked

We have reached 100% and the Diablo III: Wrath video has now been unlocked.

Long before the creation of Sanctuary, the Eternal Conflict between angels and demons raged on for untold millennia. Blizzard Entertainment teamed up with renowned director Peter Chung and acclaimed animation studio Titmouse to create this unique vision of a fundamental moment in the battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

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    211 thoughts on “Diablo III: Wrath Video Unlocked

      • agree.  Was pretty cool but way too short.   I was expecting something in the 15-20 minute range with some actual story to it.  

      • Were people expecting a cancer cure or the ending of the actual game in this? I did hope it would be at least 15 minutes, but it was still pretty awsome.

    1. Nerdgasm… As Flux put it: Urghrghhhhhrr

      EDIT: I can’t understand for the love of God why people compare the official movies with this Anime-video. This one is AWESOME, in every aspect.

      It’s not meant to be the same style as the official CGI ones. Stop saying it looks worse! It’s like saying: “OMG Avatar is so badly made, you can clearly see that it’s not real, it looks animated!”

        • No need for plural in that case, sorry.
          Would have preferred a single good HD wallpaper of Diablo’s burning skull from the cutscenes over this any day, to be honest.

          • While that would (and will) be a killer wallpaper, I don’t think it really stacks up to something as unique as this, whether you did or did not enjoy it.

      • Agreed. Laser whip @ 4:00 is a bit much.

        EDIT: Oh, and I honestly thought it would have more content since they supposedly chose this style so they could tell us more about the angels. I mean, I’m glad they atleast did that much, but it’s still the same short, shallow story snippet that they pack in the cinematics.

        • i don’t know whether you played sc2 but shallow would be one way to describe it. their writing department is not world class imo.

          • SC2 is a great game, but the storyline is corny as hell indeed. It’s a shame ’cause the storyline of SC1 was pretty cool. Hope this doesn’t translate to D3 as well.

        • I’m getting the same problems we had when the DH was first up (no email confirms, which I got for the last 3 after they fixed it)

      • I didn’t read any of your email 🙂 I saw this had gone up just as I was heading out and threw the news item up.

        Banner news is up now.

    2. After Imperius leaped to slay Diablo, and the blood spattered on the others along with an awkward moment of silence… everyone was thinking, “Dude…. Come on. WTF? Like, really bro?” Imperius FAIL!

      • I don’t think they had stuff like “WTF”, “Dude” or “really bro” on their minds.

        They probably thought “No… Now we will have to face evil once again after Diablo rises from the ashes once more”

        Imperiuses rage must have shocked the archangels, hence the silence

          • I think they showed that scene with the blood hitting all of the others (minus Tyrael) to foreshadow their imminent corruption.  Imperius was already hit by Diablo himself as well.  Of course we’ll just have to wait and see

            • Actually they show the blood hitting Auriel, Itherael, and Tyrael. So all but Malthael.

    3. I wasn’t expecting that art style, but I enjoyed it.  Diablo’s voice was spot on.

    4. this was awesome , albeit very short. makes me wanna watch anime just like this , with lots of gory action , any suggestions?

          • curse you for reminding me that its been like 3 months without a new chapter.

          • Both have their pros and cons, I find, and the manga gets amazing later on, but I’d probably start with the anime – the manga gets off to a rocky start (when Miura still had no real idea what he wanted to do with the character), but the anime is pretty focused from the get-go.

          • Yes have to agree completely manga and anime are both excellent just that the anime is easier to get into but the way it ends is so frustrating…..of course waiting for the next chapter of the manga to release is just as infuriating if not more so. chapter 328 is supposedly coming out Soon™ though.

      • Blade of the Immortal.

        If you really want some crazy gore, Gantz.   

        Hellsing, especially the new OVA’s, but the original series is good too.

        • They made a show out of Blade of the Immortal? I used to love that comic when I was younger. Interesting premise to it.

      • Most anime that hasn’t edited and censored by American companies and has fighting in it has some level of blood. They just don’t shelter their children like we do here…

      • Actually, it’s the direct opposite. By scouting through the forums they seem “disappointed” of the animation style because they compare it with the intro movies art style.

    5. did anyone else get the same ‘anger, vengeance, rage: of the darkside they are’ vibe, or was that just me?

      • Judging by the prophecy excerpt in the Book of Cain, we may be fighting one or more corrupted Angiris Council members in act 4.

    6. i think it is kinda good. there is this feeling of “meh” though, maybe because the CGI stuff blizzard produces seems to be WAY more awesome than anime. the voices were terrific though – imperius’ enraged, seething voice gave me goose bumps.

      • Yeah, they’re using “unlock” as a noun. Kinda how they’re still using “pickup” (instead of “pick up”) as a verb in the achievements. “Final reward” would have worked just fine.

    7. “Your rage make you powerful, yet you hide it from your brethren” gave me serious Star Wars vibes. The video was alright. The writing was as bad as ever though.

      • Yeah, I’m starting to fear for the DIII storyline at large if the dialogues and voice acting of the beta and now this are any indication.

        • The trick is to not expect anything from the storyline in the first place. I figured that out a while ago when it comes to Blizzard games. Their stories have been consistently shaky since Starcraft.

      • Well it’s your typical Metzen Writing™ so what would you expect.

    8. That was awesome, they did a really great job. 6+ mins is more than enough… what did you guys expect? lawl. You guys complain about everything on here.

    9. I do like diabloii.net (this site) over diablofans… But I was shocked when reading comments about Wrath here and there.
      They there are generally happy, and are clearly missing all the rage, whining and doomsaying – they are stupid, undoubtedly! 😀

      • Not stupid. Just boring as hell. If I want to hear a chorus I’ll go to church.

        • True. But “anime is bad / all anime is Sailor Moon” forms kinda suspicious consonance, too.

          To reiterate, the site is cool 🙂 And people tend to be bad anywhere. Like the one complaining about people two posts above 🙂

          • So you’re a rage fan congratz 🙂 may you succeed in absolutely nothing 

      • Probably because they are a bunch of mindless fanboiz. Blizzard could put its ass in a pond, fart bubbles and they would cheer and glee happily about it.

    10. Well, the art is nice. But the voices of the angels, lol. 
      It seems to be rather a fight between evil and evil. Vengance, slaughter. Like reality, where the one side claims JUSTICE and FIRST STRIKE for DEFENSE. stupid and fuck as hell.

      i mean, i will LOVE playing the game, but the story blows. And yes I know, I am the only one with this opinion 😉

      • Hey, I can’t remember the source… But It was said for some time, that angels are not “good”. They are just another side side of the conflict, and are just more adhering to the pact about leaving Sanctuary alone, or kinda that. And I like the setting, where no one is right. Another question is, how do they make a hero sure about his actions… 

        • It more Order vs Chaos than good vs evil. With angels being Order and Demons Chaos, BTW both are needed for life as pure order = unchanging and pure chaos = mass destruction. <- As Angels are orderly they dont as a rule break pacts etc. Demons being Chaos well they break pacts all the time.

        • im not even an anime fan but!!!! Your argumentation truly lacks substance 🙁 

          Personally actually enjoyed it 🙂 was something new and fresh atleast! 

    11. im no expert, but i watch some anime and one cartoon (boondocks). i think what makes this look so shitty is that there are no details. what i mean my that is how simple the things are drawn (few lines) and that they dont use more than two colors on diablo for example.
      + the monsters look like out of comic for 8 year olds.

      • It’s not so much anime as it is cheap saturday morning cartoons. Who cares, 6 MORE DAYS!!!

        • i didnt say its an anime..lol
          but y, its cheap saturday morning cartoons for me too.

    12. Expect Wallpapers within the next hour on my deviantART page

      I also loved this short. I love Peter Chungs work and this is no exception!

    13. I liked the vid, got me even more stoked for next week but I didn’t care for the art style. In the future I would love it if Blizz made a full length anime movie and got the Ninja Scroll team to do it or drive a dump truck of money to
      Hayao Miyazaki’s house and got him to do the art. Can’t wait to play.

      • Mmm… I would say Miyazaki’s style wouldn’t really work with Diablo. His stuff is usually pretty lighthearted…

    14. The last line makes me the expansions will have us fighting the angels. To rid of sanctuary of both angels and demons.

        • I think they’ve already data mined belial is act2 boss azmodan is act3 and diablo is act 4. Forgive me if I misspelled any of the names.

          • Except that there are mini-bosses like the Skeleton King in every act too… Considering they imply that almost all of the Angiris Council are corrupted in the Book of Cain, I expect to be fighting at least a couple of them in the base game.

    15. Very corny and overall does not have the evil diablo feel to it. Felt like a kid’s show.
      I know it’s not something they are putting in the game but Diablo’s story can only truly be told in cinematics + gameplay. Same story in cinematics and removing the corny dialogue = epic video. This… well, it was ok.

    16. This is pretty awful.  I stopped watching about 1/4 way in.  Hate the anime style animation.  But, it’s probably a great way to get young people into Diablo.

      If anyone is in denial over who Blizzard is really catering to (kids, noobs, etc) with D3’s development, I present to you Diablo III: Wrath.

      • How does this video mean that they’re catering to kids/noobs?  Please elaborate.  It’s not like they used the Teletubbies instead of the angels in it.  Is it simply because YOU don’t like the anime style?  I thought it was great.  I’m also not a kid, nor am I a noob.  I can understand not liking the anime style, though far too many people don’t give anime in general a chance because it’s immediately linked to a specific one or two that have become jokes in the US.  But that’s for another time and another place.

        • This video conjured up my childhood memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons.  I never thought I’d be comparing the Diablo universe to Saturday morning cartoons, but that’s an indication of the sad state of development for this game.

          Me personally not liking anime style animation is certainly my own opinion, but it does not make it any less true for myself.

          If people were shown this video back in 2008, it is my opinion that there would have been A LOT more of a public uproar over the overall D3 art direction.  Buffer the situation with nearly four years of questionable game development, and the whole community doesn’t really seem to mind.  Our spirits are broken, there’s probably a quest somewhere in D3 involving a jet pack.

          • Have to say I agree with the bit about Saturday morning cartoons. I said to my BF when we watched it it felt liked I’d walked in on after school TV and had the urge to cry “I have the power!” a couple of times.  If it was about anything else I probably wouldn’t have watched, but it was Diablo.

            I enjoyed it and no doubt I’ll watch it a couple more times.  I hanker after their big cinematics though. I still remember the buzz I got when Baal rolled up to arreat keep, his wry smirk. He’s superb.

            I loved Diablo’s voice too.

          • 1. This isn’t anime style. If anything it is a very Americanized facsimile of anime style. This style has been around since Aeon Flux. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you fail…
            2. No Saturday morning cartoon had lots of blood and demons in it like this, so your comparison is invalid…

    17. really awsome but i couldn’t resist to mkae a comment. The first few second it looks like The Lion King…. 😯

    18. Some people have no taste. Don’t watch it if you’re not even a bit interested.

    19. This is not animé.
      Only disappointed by the length, should’ve been x3 at least.

    20. I’m glad this is just a sidething and not the game cinematics. I always hated anime style, too over the top. I tried to like it, but never succeeded.
      Diablo always had a bit of realism for me and anime cinematics totally kill it. Like someone above said: It makes it into a kids show. Stopped watching halfway.

    21. Once again, anime ruins everything by cutting out all details making it visually lame and then they try to compensate for it with over the top retard spastic bullshit.


      • So just what did you watch?  And how does that mean that anime “ruined” it?

      • The fact that you have no idea what anime is, makes your comment moot. If anything anime has a lot more detail than American animation… American animation has no shadows or realistic lighting. American animation usually has no blood whatsoever either. You probably have been seeing s****y American wanna-be-anime shows in commercials and think you have a clue about anything involving anime, but you clearly don’t…

    22. Ish! These old school animations are soooo boring. Couldn’t stand to watch it all the way through.

    23. The world does not revolve around you.  Even if you dont’ like anime art style, the rest of the world does, or at least have a nice following.  They will surely appreciate this video.  While I would have preferred Blizz’s usual CGI touch on it, I can certainly tolerate this. 

      You kids need to stop being so negative just because it is not something you wanted.

      • hehe, I was just going to say that this aname/manga stuff is for you youngsters. It was even boring when I was young, 30 years ago. I can’t relate. What’s the alure watching a dead art style with still images and flapping open mouths and twinkles in the eyes of some poor girl about to get stabbed by a spear by some ape-guy that takes like 40seconds to impale her cus you want to see his hair fludder in the waves for a while first….

        • Because you’re just stereotyping, is my guess.  Most of the GOOD anime/manga is better than any comic book that’s been out in the U.S., and the GOOD anime series are far better than the majority of shows in the U.S.  And how is it a dead art style?  Sounds like you’re just talking out of your ass. 

          • a baka gaijin like you wouldn’t understand the deep intricate plotlines animes have, etc.

            • Nice google job you did there… No one ever said anime plot lines were deep and intricate. They are certainly deeper than American animation plot lines though. Watch Cowboy Bebop all the way through then say something…

    24. Oh wait. Was this the thing from the guy that did that Areal….whatever movie with Charlize Therone or was it that sweet looking broad from Underworld perhaps. That movie…I mean the area flux…whatever was total garbage…Now I can connect the dots.

      • You do realize that horrible live-action movie was based on something totally unique, right? Right?

      • Yes, it was called Æon Flux. The movie was kinda rubbish, the animation is superior.

    25. Wow – i’m surprised more folks didn’t like this.
      Really?  You needed a 15 min blah blah?  
      This was a neat, condensed video.  Great art direction (obviously *not* blizzard but still cool enough to really really enjoy).

      And … what was that “mountain that became a huge boss monster????”
      Is this a spoiler for bosses to come in-game for D3??????


    26. If they did the Dante Inferno thing it might have been more entertaining to go between styles and interpretation. Due to time it couldn’t get deep to the story and so its just noise, flashes and minor dialogue without any character development.  Thats what made it a typical \anime\ short-flick.  The very short duration didnt help articulate this great story.

      • Keep it to yourself, then instead of b****ing to us as if your shallow, off-the-cuff dismissal holds any weight… 🙄

    27. I really enjoyed watching this (to me it’s original and I like it when a company takes a different approach) and wanted to share my enthousiasm. Then I read the comments….

      My ****ing eyes! 

      I truly am very glad that I possess  the ability to enjoy certain things in life, cause some of you seem to have forgotten how to.

      • I also enjoy certain things in my life, that doesn’t mean i’m gonna jizz my pants over a piece of turd.

      • You know, that not everyone see joy in what you might do? For me, that \thing\ was wasted time, which could be way better, if written, so I could imagine it in way, I would want to see it.   But, that’s my opinion on that.

      • Hhm, I don’t know how Ed Trotta sounds as I got used to the German sound of DiabloII, but this is clearly the voice of the narrator from the class videos and maybe even the male barb

    28. This is quite funny. I can’t let it go. Talk about stressed for time. 
      Blizzard: “we gotta release the game Now! people are begining to fade in interest, drop all the stuff and just wrap it up, no matter what stage they’re in.”
      Ok, and we need a cinematic thing..can you hook up up with anyone available”.
      Yea, I heard that dude that did that flop movie was homeless and available”
      “great, hire him”.
      “ok, so this is what he came up with. What do you think?”
      “ok, ok, don’t panic….lets do a segment where Jay praise the movie and we’ll be fine”

      • direfire, you make yourself look stupider and stupider with every comment. Peter Chung directed the Aeon Flux animated series that far pre-dated that crappy movie that was trying to capitalize on the nostalgia. It used to air on MTV back in the day… maybe you are too young and ignorant to remember.

    29. I am glad the game doesn’t look like this shit.

      The game is 10 times better graphics wise…

      Luckily I played the Beta or I wouldn’t have bought D3 after watching this disaster.

      This resembles a cheaply made Asian type cartoon done in 3 days.

      Yak ! 

    30. I think everyone seems to want diablo 3 and every piece of media rendered in 640×480 with blurry ass sprites.

    31. by the ammounbt of hype they produced around it ? disapointing.
      its not anime its just animation – average one
      short , too short
      finally nothing was revealed in it.

    32. Nice eye candy but I’m mildly disappointed. Like many posters before me I expected something longer with more of a story in it. It came from a guy who made Dark Fury for pity’s sake.
      Don’t get me wrong – I love visuals and style. I just wanted MOAR 😆

    33. Although I was sceptical about this style of art. I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it. Kudos to Mcstrike for hitting the nail on the head – “I truly am very glad that I possess the ability to enjoy certain things in life, cause some of you seem to have forgotten how to.”

    34. Between this video short,the excerpts from the Book of Cain, and the Sin War Trilogy…. Blizzard is making it so obvious that we’re gonna fight Imperius in D3 ~.~

    35. As a huge anime fan I actually didn’t like this. Horrible art, animation and voice actors. Of course its free so I guess we shouldn’t expect much.

    36. Wasn’t entertaining, and the art style and animation was pretty weak for a big 100% wait. Woulda rather had a 2 min CGI video, or something more creative.

      • Yes, they are going to waste months of valuable time and thousands of dollars to make a cgi cinematic for a hype-building website that gives out free content. Way to logic… 🙄

    37. Learn some manners and be appreciative of something that cost YOU nothing and was made SPECIFICALLY for you.  Annoying little shits.

    38. I might have to pay attention to the lore this time, that was pretty awesome.

    39. Came here expecting a flood of tears. Was not disappointed. You paid nothing and are owed nothing.

      • But it was released and marketed to us. So we shouldn’t have an opinion on it that doesn’t consist of overawed fanboy amazement?

        What is this logic? Where is it coming from? 

        • The same logic that dictates I won’t throw a pan of free bread at the waiter in a restaurant. If I don’t like the bread I won’t eat it, but there are plenty of better ways to spend my time than complaining I deserve more than what I got for free.

          Also, it was marketed to everyone that might be interested in the game. That extends quite a bit beyond this website.

          • Nice analogy with the complimentary bread.

            I think it’s fair to comment about whether or not you like the bread, but making a fuss over it is silly. The “main course” is Diablo 3 itself, and everything else is just a bonus.

        • Really Risingred? First you defend this video then attack someone for calling out the complainers? Make up your mind? 😐

    40. Damn, what a garbage.  I didn’t expect anything that would blow my mind, just a bit of dark mood and some hints about story. While there are some hints, mood is completely off. And it’s not about the fact it’s animated (poorly tbh). It just feels like targeted at 10yo kids or some failed diablo parody attempt.   Last time I checked D3 supposed to be a 15/16 restricted game so it must be the latter.   Seriously, there’s a bunch of animated (not cgi) cutscenes from games I’ve been playing recently that are better at every aspect. Even so nobody selected them as a pre-release promos.  

    41. I liked it, but I’m disappointed that they turned imperious into a dumb ginger emo.

    42. I liked it, a lot. Guess I must have misplaced my over inflated sense of entitlement.

    43. It’s ok…but I amuse myself with the idea that in 2012 Diablo is pokemon. How times change

    44. I didn’t care for it that much, but the animation was interesting and it was just a neat little piece. Just because LoZ Wind Waker had cell shaded graphics didn’t make it bad and I think the same with this. It was a little short and really over hyped by the devs. 

    45. A little cheesy, was not very impressed by this to be honest. Doesn’t affect my overall excitement for the game though. So I guess it’s a nice bonus for those who enjoyed it.

    46. I enjoyed that a good deal more than I expected to. Neat.
      Am a bit baffled that so many people seem to be annoyed that this entirely-for-free-and-just-for-the-fun-of-it little gift to fans isn’t some astounding masterpiece. Yikes.

      • It’s because some people here seem to enjoy being negative about everything and other just play along because it’s obviously what you do.

        I don’t really understand how it happens to be honest, especially as the articles themselves are so balanced 😕

    47. I feel like Anime is a cop-out and a way to cutting corners, not necessary better.  Are we going to get Anime or CG in the final game for every cinematic?  I hope not Anime, if so then the “epicness” of Diablo 3 just went out the door.  CG and cinematics is one of the best parts about Blizzard, it brings the game to a whole new experience.

    48. Did you noticed that Tyrael was voiced by the guy who narrated the spotlight videos ?

    49. Worst Garbage ive ever seen… waste of time watching…and if thats tyraels voice in game, i may take my game back…and may i add, Star Wars much?… COME TO THE DARK SIDE MOTHA FUCKA mwhwhaaha…..terrible

      • That is Tyrael’s voice in D3. Please go take your game back so that we never have to run the risk of being grouped with your whiny ass in a public game, kay?

    50. first the barb wasnt the same barb… now tyraels voice….not lookin good at all lore wise

    51. I don’t mind the video but for fuck sakes another corruption story?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME BLIZZARD?!?!

      I’m calling it now – the story will be average.

    52. Really good!! loved it!! but… can’t shake this feeling that if I was reading this all play out, it would somehow have been way more epic, like the animation was great, awesome, just coulda emphasized a lil more on the epicness, really went by super fast.

    53. I like it a lot.
      But I guess some people would rather have the release date postpone for a month so the actual cinematic team could do this Wrath scene “properly.”  

      • It would take Blizzard’s cinematic team a good deal longer than a month for even this short of a movie… People here (and in general) seriously underestimate how much time, effort, and money animation takes.

    54. Wow. Hating Blizzard is the new thing in this site, huh?
      The animation was short, but pretty cool. It’s a different art style and is not meant to be like a CGI cinematic, this is a video for the website…
      Also, it was a good “100% unlock” especially considering their previous campaigns, like unlocking simple wallpapers, and even those banner-things.

      • Hating Blizzard is nothing new here… especially for a certain few individuals with limited intelligence…

    55. Nice animated short.  I will miss Ed Trotta voicing Tyrael, though.  The new VO doesn’t seem to carry the same weight to the character. 

    56. And people actually like this corny rubbish? & saturday morning cartoon styles lol *shrug*
      I understand why blizzard don’t give a crap about there own stories anymore, because even the terrible writing has enough fans. Chris Metzen is Uwe Boll of the video game world. Imagine a Uwe Boll film of a Chris Metzen game? /shudder

    57. Heh, one of the best scenes of that series. Thanks for reminding me of that… never seen it in french before though. Pierre’s voice is definitely more high-pitched in this version.

    58. The hype will pass….and people will admit eventually that this animation suks… -_-

      In every aspect.

      Now the Ingame movies are a whooole other story    🙂

      • Hype has nothing to do with enjoying this. Not having our heads up our own a**es is the key factor. Some people fancy themselves intellectuals or connoisseurs of media with impeccable taste when really they are narrow-minded and ignorant fools with shallow tastes… go back to your effects-saturated action/drama films with over-paid, under-skilled actors and writers that try to hide that their story lines are just as recycled as everything else. You will not be missed.

    59. It’s funny… So many anime fans are also gamers and yet here many gamers are blindly bashing this and anime in general (even though this style is not really anime at all). My guess is that many are console babies or people that try to embrace the mainstream in denial of their nerd-dom. How very pathetic…
      Anyways, I digress. Unlike others who just want to argue the merits of this video’s quality and style (I personally thought it was pretty good, but I knew what kind of style to expect being familiar with both Peter Chung and Titmouse) I will point out a few things I found interesting:
      1. That angel that gets killed by that giant demon dies just like the Witch King does in the film version of Return of the King (collapsing in on himself).
      2. Even though angels are supposedly made of light and sound, they had them bleeding… weird.
      3. Also, Auriel has a facial lines even though their hoods are supposed to be empty. Do angels actually have a physical form? Why not just have their bodies be glowing instead of totally dark?
      4. When Diablo says “the trap is sprung” does he mean planting doubt in Imperius or is he foreshadowing something else?

      • I’ve not read any of the books so might be talking out of my arse here, but the prime evils somehow convinced the angels to imprison them using soulstones, which they later corrupted – so maybe this is the start of that plan, along with another backup in case that failed, which we’re going to see play out in D3

      • You are the one holding all those monologues about preconception and cliches yet you make these statements about angels at the same time…weird.
        It’s all about visual style continuity with the original Diablo universe representation of these characters.

        That Diablo line was very cheese and gratuitous…it can mean a lot of things and it is thrown just like any other teaser.   
        Peter Chung and Aeon Flux is a totally other story – visual style is totally distinct and original in comparisson to this piece of animation which appears as if made in haste – has no soul – does not go with the dark visual style of Diablo universe nor with the aretist’s style- it’s like a sad mutant.

        I like anime and western animations alot, and I like games alot too > many people stated opinions about this last reveal in comparison to other similar animations, or projects…and this one is preety low in many aspects…  

        But we are all entitled to have different opinions 🙂   

    60. Blizzard,please,please keep the expansions coming for D3. Fan since Diablo on PC. 😈

    61. and the purpose of this was to “tell a story”? well, that story is pretty crappy to me… that would be the biggest problem I have with Diablo III actually…
      but I guess it’s alright, Blizz were never really big on stories, and a good story doesn’t make a good game.

    62. Art style could have been better but ive loved the video anyhow, what is the true nature of Imperius 😉

    63. Am i the only one who is REALLY hoping that we get to fight The Angel of Valor? Would be such a lovely twist. 

    64. Seriously ?!? This is 2012 animation? WTF ? Diablo II Cinematics was better … ?!

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