Diablo III Wins Best Audio from GDC Awards

The 3rd annual GDC game awards have been announced and Diablo III was nominated twice and won once, for Best Audio.

Best Audio for an Online Game

The Best Audio for an Online Game Award recognizes the overall excellence of audio in an online game including sound effects, musical composition, and overall sound design for an online title.

  • WINNER: Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare Austin)
  • Tribes: Ascend (Hi-Rez Studios)
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance (Playdom/Disney)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World (Zynga Boston)
  • Best Online Technology

    The Best Online Technology Award recognizes the overall excellence of technology in an online game. This includes excellence in complexity of network infrastructure, persistent world coding, graphics technology, artificial intelligence, or any other elements.

  • WINNER: Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare Austin)
  • Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World (Zynga Boston)
  • Tera (Bluehole Studio/En Masse)
  • The Sims Social (Playfish)
  • I still feel that I haven’t actually heard the DiabloWikiDiablo III music, since I just hear crickets chirping and other ambient noises when I play. The overall sound effects though, from spells and monsters and such, are very well done, though. Pity Torchlight 2 wasn’t released in time to be included in the nominees, so we could all argue the merits of Matt Uelmen’s score vs. Diablo III’s.

    As for the best online technology nomination… umm yeaaaah. Let’s just say it was an honor to be nominated, and leave it at that.

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    18 thoughts on “Diablo III Wins Best Audio from GDC Awards

    1. Although I personally don’t think they got the music right for a Diablo game, the sound effects are quite stunning. Bashing skeletons never felt this good, and the sound effects contribute a lot to this. So all in all, well deserved.

    2. They won the award because of sound effects, which are astounding. Music is ok but it’s not what made D3 audio stands out.

      • I agree, music is not the best, but there are parts that stand out for me, because they remind me of diablo 1, like the Arreat Crater part in Act 3, or the battle with Belial which hada great mood for a final battle in the act. Also, some of the sound effects are cool, for example I think the succubus sounds cool and some of the skills have great sound effects.

      • “This web page at diablo.incgamers.com has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.”

    3. The sound is the only thing in D3 that’s even more disappointing to me then the items. Unlike D2, where I’ll never forget the death moan’s of Corrupted Rogues or the hollow breath Great Mummys, there’s hardly a single monster who’s sound I can actually remember in D3. There’s really very few sounds in general that are distinct and memorable. Everything gets drowned out by a bunch of generic, forgettable booms and bashes.

      • I can agree with that. To be fair, though, D2’s sound was worse than D1’s so it’s not like they D3 broke some kind of trend.

        • True, it wasn’t as good as D1, but it certainly wasn’t forgettable, which is how I’d describe D3’s sound and music.

    4. I like the music a lot but I haven’t heard music from the other nominees to be able to compare.

      I was surprised to see so many awards for SWtoR when the sub figures are in a steady decline as I understand it.

    5. Would have been a blowout if Uleman did the music. I agree the sound effects are good… I know what type of item has dropped just by the sound and ambient effects are awesome. The music… kind of a letdown compared to D1 and D2.

      • But Blizzard said that Uelmen recorded more than an hour for the D3 soundtrack. Didn´t it make it to the final game? I thought it did.

        • As far as I’m aware, all Uelmen’s contributions are in the New Tristram music… not coincidentally the best (and only truly memorable) track in the entire game.

    6. Music for New Tristram and the Gardens of Hope was excellent, in my opinion. But those two tracks are already the most melodic music to find in D3. For the rest, I think they went quite a bit over the top with their ‘very subdued music’ approach, as Bashiok used to call/defend it. It sure is subdued, but neither creepy nor atmospheric, which is a pity.

      Since D1, I’ve kinda missed the drums from the monastery levels, they somehow drove you forward without getting old even after 924635487 runs and provided enough contrast to stand out from atmospheric noises.

    7. I am not a big fan of D3 music as well, but I do like alot of the monster and spell sounds. I have been playing the D2 soundtrack in the background while playing D3, and it actually works quite well for me. Some people say they don’t care about the music, but in my mind music has been a very important thing in my life with many memories attached to certain bands. I can still remember loading D2 classic for the first time when it came out, and that Tristram theme was, and still is, simply amazing.

    8. While I agree with every one that music was meh and sound effects were outstanding. I do have think that the music from act 2 stand out for me. I also like that particular music that plays when you enter the random dungeon.

    9. Wow? So they put in loud screeching generic Pac-Man noise and they win a grammy? Black is white, up is down? Boo-urns, good sir. Boo-urns.

    10. This would have been worth a laugh if the Zynga game beat D3 for online tech. DAMN YOU RANDOM 183rd STAR WARS GAME TO BE MADE!!!

      Crap that reminds me I need to fire up Battlefront II again.

    11. Deserved the sound effects award, music, not so much, though it has it’s up’s (rarely) should have used d1 tristram music.

      “so we could all argue the merits of Matt Uelmen’s score vs. Diablo III’s. ”

      No argument. Though D3’s OST is good & has it’s own merits, it cannot be compared to the score of Matt Uelmen aka Torchlight 2.

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