Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #97: Wizards, Barbs, WDs, and Diablo

Five new Diablo III Wallpapers this week, thanks to KhalNik and the ever-prolific ROCKETEER.

Khalnik’s created a new piece from male Wizard concept art; a base image ROCKETEER used as well. He did three other pieces as well, featuring a male Barbarian, a male Witch Doctor, and a nifty image of Diablo in the Tristram Cathedral.

Click those links to get the supersize images for your desktop, use the thumbnails below, or you can browse directly through the Diablo III Wallpaper gallery. There are over 300 fan-made wallpapers to choose from.

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  1. Could someone give me a link to the wizard concept art that was used in these wallpapers?

  2. Using that Wizard as my background now.

  3. Now that is what Wizard endgame armour should look like, not some fancy pants shining armour

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