After we saw red health and blue mana versions of Brom’s recent DiabloWikiTyrael official fan art rendition of Tyrael in last week’s wallpaper post, DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 has turned out a couple of more variants of the piece. If you were hoping for understated versions of the artwork with white and blue themes, you’re in luck.

    Last week’s version I had fun with. But not as many people liked it as I thought. But that’s the way things are. Anyways I hope you all like this simple blue rendition of Ty here.

    I just wanted to be simple, and this is as simple as it gets. A halo with a faint glow. I tried to get a white background and a golden glow but it wasn’t working out. So this is the best result. Typical black with glows.

    Click the thumbnails to get either image in widescreen or tallscreen versions. You can also browse more than 260 additional Diablo 3 Wallpapers in the gallery.


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