Two new Diablo III Wallpapers this week, both created using DiabloWikiBrom‘s artwork of Tyrael. We saw one such piece last week, as Caniroth whipped up a hue-shifted version. With more time to create their pieces, DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 and DiabloWikiKhalnik did a bit more editing, modifying the wings and interesting background elements to the Tyrael artwork.

    Click the images to see them at a large enough size to appreciate all of the details. Here’s what HK said in his caption; his image is below on the left.

    This has been in the works since the art by Brom was revealed to us by Blizzard after the Diablo 3 – 1 million Facebook likes. At first I was just going to release a cleaned up bright shiny and white version of Ty here but a friend gave me an idea that which you see before you.

    After many tweaks and painstaking cut outs. The wings were a PAIN I tell ya. When I got them cropped out they had so many artifacts the OCD sense in me went insane. So i went and did some touch up work and they came out a little better.

    I believe by next week I will have the other version of Ty for you all. Not a fiery runes series version either. Just a nice image of Ty as his usual self.


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