Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #91: Tyrael and Tyrael

Two new Diablo III Wallpapers this week, both created using DiabloWikiBrom‘s artwork of Tyrael. We saw one such piece last week, as Caniroth whipped up a hue-shifted version. With more time to create their pieces, DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 and DiabloWikiKhalnik did a bit more editing, modifying the wings and interesting background elements to the Tyrael artwork.

Click the images to see them at a large enough size to appreciate all of the details. Here’s what HK said in his caption; his image is below on the left.

This has been in the works since the art by Brom was revealed to us by Blizzard after the Diablo 3 – 1 million Facebook likes. At first I was just going to release a cleaned up bright shiny and white version of Ty here but a friend gave me an idea that which you see before you.

After many tweaks and painstaking cut outs. The wings were a PAIN I tell ya. When I got them cropped out they had so many artifacts the OCD sense in me went insane. So i went and did some touch up work and they came out a little better.

I believe by next week I will have the other version of Ty for you all. Not a fiery runes series version either. Just a nice image of Ty as his usual self.


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1 thought on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #91: Tyrael and Tyrael

  1. nowhere in the novels does it mention a black soulstone or anything of similarity except the kiss of Mephisto (which as others stated, it was destroyed).

    Probably just another idea that the new dev. team is pulling out of the sky…*sigh*

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