While Blizzard broke out of their long Diablo III Wallpaper drought and delivered unto us five new examples last week (their first official wallpapers since Blizzcon 2009), our community artists kept churning along as they have ever since Diablo III was announced, almost three years ago. Since our last weekly wallpaper update two weeks ago, DiabloWikiCaniroth and DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 have added six new wallpapers to the gallery, and if you’re going to complain that these aren’t new images… 1) you’d be wrong, and 2) neither were the Facebook 1m ones from Blizzard!

    All six can be seen below; click ‘em to see the full images at wallpaper sizes, and set your new desktop accordingly. Yes, that’s a Diablo vs. Unicorn image you see. One can only hope it’s the first of many.



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