Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #88: Followers and Skull Visions

Distracted by actual news and new podcasts last Monday, I forgot to make the weekly wallpaper post when there were three new wallpapers to profile. And now, thanks to the efforts of DiabloWikiHolyknight3000, DiabloWikiCaniroth, and DiabloWikiMuldric, there are six new wallpapers to profile. As we get closer to the beta and Blizzard keeps releasing new artwork, we may be heading back to the busier days of 2008 and early 2009, when the community artists were contributing several new wallpapers nearly every week.

Muldric’s efforts include two cool logo-style visions of Diablo’s skull, one hot pink stamped on mottled beige; the other more colorful and menacing.

Caniroth’s wallpapers feature a leering skull over Tristram, a stylish take on the male Monk, and a group view of the three Followers.

HK’s new piece features all five characters, ringed by the Fiery Runes, and further surrounded by eager monsters. It’s a nice composition, and bonus points for the use of colored lightning to give it something of a 3D feel.

Click any of the thumbs to see more info about each pic, and to get them in full wallpaper size.



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1 thought on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #88: Followers and Skull Visions

  1. I did not know why they bring MF first, i hate this mechanics and my sorceress hate me for squishing at her 800% MF…

    Sacred has better one.

    If Diablo is only about finding items it is obvious that people will force they chars into MF…

    Blizzard proofed many times that they are not really great designers… there is plenty of bad designs in D2, WC3, WoW even SC2. So they should tone down they cocky behaviour.

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