After months of slim pickings, the Diablo 3 Wallpapers are picking up, thanks to HolyKnight getting back into the swing of things. He’s joined by Caniroth this week, giving us a whopping 4 new wallpapers for your desktop delight.

    DiabloWikiHolyknight3000‘s new effort can be seen to the right. He’s done his fiery runes thing on the one really cool piece of artwork we’ve gotten out of the entire Diablo Facebook hostage situation, a cinematic-style view of the Tristram Cathedral. As always, you can click it to get the image in full size, with a variety of dimensions, and read more about the making of in HK’s caption. As you’ll see, the simplest-looking wallpapers can sometimes be the hardest to craft.

    DiabloWikiCaniroth‘s contributions this week include a newly-styled Witch Doctor, a fiery-looking Barbarian triptych, and a slick view of one of the Caldeum palaces.


    Incidentally, someone asked in a recent comment why we never post any official Diablo III wallpapers. That’s a good question, but it should be pointed at DiabloWikiBashiok, not me. Blizzard has only released 10 Diablo 3 Wallpapers over the past 3.8 years, all of them quite standard “pretty picture + Diablo III logo, cropped to 4×3 dimensions.” The last one featured… the male Monk! Yes, their last D3 wallpaper was released at Blizzcon 2009. They never even released one of the Demon Hunter (though fans have filled that gap nicely). 

    To paraphrase Kayne West, Blizzard doesn’t care about Diablo people!

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