We’d gone some time without a new wallpaper, but HolyKnight3000 found some time to rework his classic Fiery Runes, and has returned with Series Four. Plus, thanks to the downtime, there’s new Diablo III artwork that has not yet been wallpapered. Here’s what he had to say in the caption, and you can click the image below to view it in the gallery, at appropriately huge wallpaper dimensions.

    Greetings everyone; it has been a few months since I created the last of the 3rd fiery runes series wallpapers huh? Well this time around I wanted to make these runes dim as can be. I wanted them to be more red and weaker glow.

    Also if you may have noticed the rune-circle is finally different. It has 5 more runes added to it from Diablo 3 and I rebuilt the circle when I was making the 5 runes match. From there I went into CS3 and redid the angle of the circle to be more accurate and smoother.

    Annoying part about the runes being dim; was the fact that the first version was much much darker than this one. I blame the monitor on my old computer for that fact.

    Let me know what you all think of the dimmer and more reddish runes. Should I brighten them up more or are they fine for now. Feedback would be great.

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