Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #82: Movie Posters, the Sequel

Three new Diablo 3 wallpapers for you guys this week.

The newest is from Caniroth, and it’s a nice view of the Demon Hunter in what looks like an alcove off of the fiery Torture Chamber levels we saw so much of from last year’s Blizzcon PvM demo. You can see that one to the right.

The other two, seen below, are original pieces of CGI artwork by DarkGeometry, featuring the Wizard and Monk in movie poster-style views. Click the images to view them full size, to see all of the details including the in-game quote and other text in a legible size. Check the D3 wallpaper gallery for similar pieces featuring the Barbarian and Witch Doctor that we posted last time.


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1 thought on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #82: Movie Posters, the Sequel

  1. When questioned about what they’ll reveal at next year’s blizzcon since all classes have been revealed, Jay Wilson replied that they’ll still have some new stuff to show. He would not have replied in such a way, had Diablo 3 been planned to go beta and release before this year’s blizzcon.

    Diablo 3 WILL be at this year’s blizzcon – most likely the trading system, bnet functions, another mini-boss fight, more detailed rune systems, all the mana systems, set items, and possibly one of the end-game mechanics will be shown. The beta might be announced, or have been announced a month or two prior, but the beta won’t be scheduled to start until after this year’s blizzcon. After the beta starts around the end of the year, a beta period of ~3-5 months will take place, and finally the game will be released a month after.

    And yes, that means the game will be released in 2012 -_-

    I’ve been saying 2012 for the longest time, but for some reason people don’t want to use common sense, and would rather cling to things they desperately want to be true, even if those things are much less likely to happen.

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