DiabloWikiHolyKnight has posted a new Diablo 3 wallpaper for the new year, sticking the awesome head of Diablo, as seen in the Blizzcon 2010 logo, into his fiery runes format. This one marks something of a milestone for HKs wallpaper production, and here’s a quote from his caption.

    Thirty-three runes and thirty-three wallpapers; Diablo 2?s runes were 33 strong and that number was important with the 3rd series. It ends as the new year begins. This series was my favorite. Not only due to time I spent on it, but all the changes styles and breakthroughs I?ve done throughout the past 2 years.

    …This series has been my pride and joy. I?ve taken so many good and bad hits over the years. I almost gave up when I lost my artwork to two hard drive failures. Not only that I also had so many negative comments here and there that my drive started to wane.

    As this series ends my plans for the future continue. Will the Fiery Runes Series end? Not likely really; I have more plans that involve it lasting far past the first game and through to its coming expansion(s). My drive now is to have fun with this stuff. If someone doesn?t like my wallpapers then that?s fine if I do this and love doing it then whatever comes afterwards is just awesome.

    …Let?s hope this is the year for Diablo III. See you all soon when the next wallpaper series starts. Also this year look forward to my first ever Diablo 3 fan fiction featuring the characters from The Dark Library news posts in: Chronicles of the Dark Library.

    Click on the image to get it in a much larger size in your choice of widescreen or 4×3 dimensions.

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