DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 brings us a new Diablo 3 wallpaper this week, using an image taken from Darkrusader’s brilliant fan-made Tristram Tunnels level. HK turned it into another wallpaper in his locations series, and subjected his rune borders to an appropriate palette shift amongst other changes. Here’s a quote from his caption; click on the image to read all of his creation notes and obtain the image in full desktop size.

    This time I tried to make the rune-bars match the scenery of this piece a bit. I tried to add some yellow and gold for the sunlight coming in but that didn’t work. So U managed to change the runes to a more teal green and white glow. Sorry the nameplate is still red. If it gets changed too much it won’t look right. Trust me I tried and it looked bad. So please bare with the red.

    Also due to the image sizes posted by Darkrusader on the Zbrush forums I had to use Photoshop to give me a nice softening blurr when I enlarged the image. Also due to the image not filling in the area behind the rune-bars I had to add in some black and blend it all in together.

    I am well please with the final result and this will be the first fan art based Fiery Runes Series piece ever. I hope that Darkrusader will be please as well.

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