Another week, another new Diablo III Wallpaper. Once again we’ve got DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 to thank for the new eye candy, as he’s turned out a dramatic take on the vision of DiabloWikiUreh seen in the Diablo 3 cinematic trailer. Blizzard has stated that Ureh will not be a setting we visit during Diablo 3, but we can always hope it turns up in one of the expansions.

    Here’s a quote from HK’s caption, with the image below. Click through to view it in a much larger, wallpaper-friendly size.

    Forgive me on the blurriness of this image. I had to choose to leave it jagged and rough or blur it some to look a little better and i chose the latter.

    I used a screen capture of the image from Blizzard’s Diablo III Concept Art Trailer Video that then showed during Blizzcon 2008 when they first revealed Diablo 3 to us.

    I wanted to use a different image than the one from the cinematic trailer and that was the best candidate for it. I had to repair and do some paint work on the far right side of the image by the tombstone and the mountains because the image was too short. I’m please with how that turned out.

    I also chose to not use any texture behind the map this time because when i looked at the wallpaper with the map faded almost to black but you could still see it. It helped make sure you were grasped upon the image of the ruins of ureh.

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