HolyKnight has turned out another nice Diablo 3 Wallpaper, and gone in a new style for him. It’s a harsh, stark, powerful image featuring a concept art piece of the female Witch Doctor in a strange and forbidding location. Here’s a clip from his caption; click through for the full size image and more of his description.

    This time guys I wanted to do something different. Something less black and fiery runed. Something that wasn’t repeated over various weeks.

    This started out as an attempt to digital paint a desert background but It didn’t go so well so i went simple and made the scene a thick dust storm and tried to have the sun behind her with a faint halo.

    The shadow effect I did turned out better than i expected. I also looked around for a cracked dry muddy image to give that feeling of she is walking down a road or path during the sandstorm in the Stinging Winds. The Act 2 area in the D3 Demo.

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