With the official release of the HQ female Monk imagery, the community has begun to create some of the wallpapers we’d hoped to see. Well, so far the community is HolyKnight3000, but his wallpaper features both kinds of Monks, in images taken from their in-game art as seen on the official site, plus some fiery runes, so it’s a winner. Here’s part of his caption; click through the image to get it full size, in a variety of resolutions and dimensions.

    This time around in the wallpapers I decided to use the flash animations from the d3 website for the stances of the monks. Since the concept art didn?t give me what I wanted. Sorry if they are blurry and jaggy in a way, but I did what I could with what I had.

    Now then with this wall there were many ways I could have gone with this. One was the golder radiant visage rune from my past wallpapers. That didn?t look so well. I also tried to make the fiery runes gold and that could have worked but was still kinda meh. So in the end I re-used my original black radiant visage rune. Did some radiant blur effects, and changed the color to white and faded it out on top of the des-systema ground graphic. I thought this looked good so I created a lens flare on another image and brought it in and blended it on the top to give that visage that added glow.

    I also tried to give the monks a faint white glowing corona/aura effect around them but that just didn?t work for me with what I was using. I also added some light effects on the monks feet like when I did my Inner Sanctuary wall a while back. I will be posting a non fiery runes version of this next week; should there be enough requests.

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