Thanks to the reveal of the female monk, we’ve got a nice new Diablo 3 wallpaper. It’s by DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 of course, and features the FeMonk in his patented fiery runes, where so many of the Diablo 3 characters have gone before. He’s done a very nice job cleaning up the image; even at the large size it looks okay, and that’s no small feat given the limitations of the source image. More cool wallpapers will follow when/if Blizzard releases some HQ concept art, but we can certainly enjoy this one for now..

    Click through to get the full size image, in various dimensions to fit your particular screen.

    With the revealing of the female monk i used screen caps to build her up and compile. I saw the one on the site and thought it looked a little smashed.

    This one looks a little off still but i think it was best suited for the fiery runes series. I will make a better version when the artwork is officially thrown on the website.

    You should also notice the fiery runes. Its the dim runes as a runecircle. I’ve been meaning to do this lately and they look so different from the old runes. But they don’t overwhelm the image from the target that the wallpaper is about.

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