It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a weekly wallpaper post, since it’s been a few weeks since we’ve had any Diablo 3 wallpapers. With any luck Bashiok’s “soon” for female Monk artwork won’t be the usual Blizzard “soon,” and we’ll get some new source material for the community artists to work with in the semi-immediate future.

    In the meantime, Delowyn has more than tided us over with a new, original piece of art that’s as good as most of the “official” stuff Blizzard used to release. Delowny’s new work is a 3D computer graphic piece of fan art entitled “Hallway Monitor.” This piece depicts a concealed female Wizard awaiting the approaching DiabloWikiThousand Pounder with his DiabloWikiFallen Houndas. Pity this is just a single image and not the start of a film, since it would be a fun one to watch; there’s such a sense of tension and pending action in this single image.

    Here’s a small version of the shot, click through for the full size 1920×1200 desktop version, in which you can see all the subtle details and textures.

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