If meteorological or geographical difficulties deprived you of a “white Christmas” then this is the Diablo 3 wallpaper for you. HolyKnight’s created a new one specially for the season, taking the original Tristram tavern concept art and turning it into the winter wonderland you see below. Here’s a quote from his image caption; click the shot below to see the full caption, plus links to grab this wallpaper in various sizes and resolutions.

    I tried to make this image as best as I could with the snow. Sorry it?s a tad blurry on the larger sizes. The original concept art was small and I build the snow and everything from the original, and then blew the picture up. I?m not fond of doing this a lot but I hope it doesn?t detract from the work I did. I will be posting the original sized version of the art in a fan art post soon.

    The snow was the most time consuming aspect of this image. When I added it all; I was grateful that my computer didn?t crash. I reworked this snow at least 3 times until later on when I was halfway done with the snow on the roof. Originally I used some of the texture from the ground to cover the buildings like they weren?t there and do a simple recolor on top of the texture. Later I just painted white on top of it and got the result you see now.

    The background behind the Tavern was from the original art, I just changed the color and what you see now was the final effect. The building and some of the side structures were painted around and cropped out so I could get the background effect. I made the background a blank gray so I could paint in some clouds, and maybe change some of the trees, but in the end the color effect was better.

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