After a few weeks without any new Diablo 3 wallpapers, DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 has stepped up to end the drought. His new piece is another in his new fiery runes series, but in this one the Borderlands desert takes on a mysterious midnight blue hue that’s matched in the “twilight runes.” Here’s a quote from his caption, and as always with HK’s wallpapers, you can get this image in various dimensions and sizes. Click through the image for those.

    This time I went a little further than my usual recolor of the runes. Unlike before where I would grab the runes and recolor a few color tones and make them look nice. This time I went back to the rune-circle redid the same filter effect as the dim runes and did some different coloring.

    With the runes like they were now I did a faint darker blue glow and called them Twilight Runes. With that I redid the lighting for the red areas of the rune-bars. Then I build a faint blue glow effect above and below the runes to give them a more tangible effect unlike before.

    I also searched for some nice stock images from deviant art to help add to the background effect with the map. The map is harder to see but the effect is there. It is night time in the concept art, and so I made sure to match that with the background.

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