For a second week, HolyKnight3000 has turned out a fresh sample from his Fiery Runes series three, and stuck a nice piece of environmental concept art in between a fiery runes sandwich. Here’s a quote from his caption, and as always you can find this wallpaper in various sizes and resolutions if you click through the small size image you see below.

    Greetings everyone, this week I decided to continue the locations series with The Stinging Winds. This time I chose to make sure that I had some variations in the walls like in the past; maybe subtle but still small changes. This time I found another stock texture off Deviant art again. This one was a Sandpaper Stock by Enchanted Gal. See her stock page here.

    With that texture I was able to get a sandy feel to the background. I thought that adding some of the dusty scenes from in-game shots of the location itself along with the world map was a cool change. With that I will see you next week for another wallpaper.

    If this one isn’t to your taste, we’re up over 200 Diablo 3 wallpapers now in the gallery, plus another 26 iphone wallpapers, just for good measure. If you can’t find anything you like in all of those, you’re either not looking very hard, or you’re not much of a D3 fan.

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