After a couple of dry weeks, the Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper returns with a new piece by DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000. HK took a few weeks off after his last Fiery Runes series, and this new one is a radical departure for him. As he said in his post about it, “no black background!” It’s an intense image, with that single rune staring forth like Diablo’s all-seeing eye. Piercing to the secret guilt in your heart! Or perhaps that’s just me?

    Elsewhere, we’ve got five new themed wallpapers by KhalNik. There’s one for each character, plus the Archivist, and they all make beautiful use of that stained glass style we saw in the early Diablo 3 interface artwork. Ou can see them below in thumb form, with one full size to show the details. Click any of the thumbs for a larger view, or browse them directly from the wallpaper gallery.



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