Three new wallpapers this week, all inspired by the piece of artwork we spotted in the Blizzcon art museum, with Belial, and/or other Lesser Evils. Opinions differ on whether those are 3 different demons or 3 versions of the same one, and that debate is reflected in the titles the authors chose for these new wallpapers.

    To the right you see Muldric‘s stylized, scary-zooming images simply entitled “Demon.” Below you see a pair of efforts from GuardianHadriel, who’s betting that the six-eyed one is Azmodan,and the two-eyed fellow is Belial.  Click any of these images to see them full sized, and right click on those to set them as your new wallpaper. Then minimize every window, turn out the lights, hide your icons, and stare until you start to feel funny.


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