This week’s D3 wallpaper update features a variety of goodies. hough we’ve still got two weeks to go before the first post-Blizzcon weekly wallpaper update, when new artwork will abound, there was some cool stuff added during the past week.

    Delowyn uploaded the bright and stylish-blurred Fallen shaman you see in the thumbnail to the right, and though he says it’s not his favorite work, I think it’s visually distinctive and well worth a look.

    DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 has also uploaded another new wallpaper, which you can see to the left. It’s a change from his Fiery Rune series, and this one is quite cool. HK says he was inspired by the solar system rune shown in the D3 “breaking the ice” countdown last year, and this one puts me in mind of a crop circle, or some sort of cool in-game interactive area map.

    Also by HolyKnight are these cool new additions to the iPhone wallpaper gallery. To me they look like prototypes for the Diablo 3 collectible card game. Click each one to view them larger, or check out these and a bunch of others in the gallery.

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