This week brings a pair of new wallpapers to the Diablo 3 wallpaper gallery, upping the total to 183 fan-made and official wallpapers. If you can’t find something to adorn your desktop with that selection, you’re either really picky, or you’re just not much of a Diablo 3 fan.  You should also check back later this week for a post running down the first year in D3 wallpapers, with commentary and dozens of examples of the best work we’ve seen from fan artists.

    The first new work is by Guardian Hadriel, and it’s an interesting one. He’s taken the famous Barbarian vs. Thousand Pounders battle scene and played around with it in Photoshop, tweaking the details and changing the color balance a bit. It looks kind of painter-style now, and is a cool change to the familiar image.  Click the thumb to see it full size, so you can appreciate the details.

    Elsewhere, DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 is celebrating the first anniversary of his now-famous “fiery runes” wallpaper series. He’s crafted a huge collage that includes the dozens of individual fiery runes wallpapers he created during the past year of Diablo III. You can see it below; click to see his caption and links to download this one in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

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