One new wallpaper by DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 this week, and it marks another anniversary, as his caption explains:

    On Jun 30th a few minutes past midnight I created my first attempt at a Diablo 3 wallpaper. A few claimed it looked like it was done in MSPaint.

    Back then I thought it was the best wall I had made in a while. But I was also worried how people would take the image. Sadly for me it was practically laughed at. Everyone had to start somewhere. For a while I wanted to remake it as a better wallpaper. What you see now is that wallpaper; a simpler and more streamlined version with the Diablo 3 Wallpaper Series Style. I thought it was more fitting to recognize a wallpaper that I started from since I am a history freak. What a better way to make a connection with the one year anniversary than to remake my first wall. God knows it needed it in my eyes.

    Like it or love it; it is my way of connecting my wallpaper legacy from where I began to where I am now. It has been a crazy year. I can?t believe how fast that year went by. Here?s to another year and many more of wallpaper art!

    Thankfully HK didn’t give up after that first effort, and has gone on to produce a considerable percentage of the 181 D3 wallpapers now hosted in our gallery. His newest effort can be seen below. Also, if you’ve missed it in other news updates, be sure you check out VioletJoker’s awesome anniversary collage; it came in a few hours too late to be included in last week’s Weekly Wallpaper update.

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