This week is a special one for Diablo III. Exactly one year ago (yesterday) Diablo III was announced at the WWI in Paris, and yes, there were a one, two, three official wallpapers released along with the rest of the new media. The first fan-made wallpapers showed up the next day (one two by Krakov and one two by Glaurung), we started regularly profiling them in the news not long after, and here we are, with the 43rd weekly wallpaper update (more actually, since the first few weren’t numbered) and 178 Diablo 3 wallpapers in the gallery.

    This week’s new wallpaper is by DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000, who has taken note of the anniversary and created a special Diablo 3: Year One commemorative image. You can see it below, and expect some more anniversary stuff from HK in a week or two, since he’s about to ding off on his second year of creating D3 wallpapers.

    In other wallpaper news, we’ve created a D3 iPhone Wallpaper gallery and stocked it with the 16 iPhone wallpapers HK has created over the months. If you want to make and upload some of your own, if you’re after a pretty faceplate for your iPhone, or you just like 320×480, upright, rectangular D3 images, check it out.

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