Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #42

Another week, and another Diablo 3 wallpaper update. We’ve got a pair of new walls this time, one fan-made and one semi-official.

The semi-official one features the newly-revealed, fully-painted Barbarian statuette. You see it in thumb form to the right; click to jump to the full image, with links to obtain it in a variety of sizes and dimensions. It’s a nice statue, but the photo and wallpaper are quite basic; just the photo with some logos pasted into the corners. II bet some of our community artists can take that statue and craft a more-compelling wallpaper version of it. We’ll see by this time next week?

The other new wall of the week is by wallpaper guru DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000. It’s another in his fiery runes locations series, but as you can see, it’s a fairly radical departure in style. I like it; it’s kind of “angry spiderweb” with the visual enhancements he’s made to the D3 “alchemy” background. (If you’ve long wondered where that scrollwork pattern comes from, it’s found in the background of the official D3 logo. Zoom in.) As always, HK has produced this wallpaper in numerous sizes/dimensions, and his caption sheds some more light on the creative process.

This week I have a new style of Locations wallpapers for you. In following with the style of the iPhone locations walls; I have modified my main series and made the image more centralized inside the small rune circle with the alchemy surrounding it.

I wanted the location series to look like this for a long time I just never could figure out the right way to truly do it ?till I made the style for the iPhone. Then it hit me, ?Why not reproduce this for the locations sub-series on the main wallpaper series?? I got to tinkering one night and it all started to come together.

Sadly last week it didn?t make the deadline for the Weekly Wallpaper post for last week so I saved it for this week. Another reason for the delay; I was worried the new style wouldn?t look as good and people were use to the older style. If you guys want the older style let me know I?ll post it. Also look for a new ?Locations? wallpaper again next week.



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