With the Fallen bestiary update providing fresh images to work with, our wallpaper gurus leapt to it, and we’ve got 4 new wallpapers added to the D3 Wallpaper gallery this week.

    Phoenix995 was a busy fellow, contributing three new wallpapers, each of which is available in two sizes.  The Fallen Overseer stands along the left side of the image, and can be had in 1280 or 1600 pixel widths.  Or if you prefer the right side of your wallpaper with a red-skinned demon, the Fallen Shaman is available in 1280 or 1600 widths.  For a busier image, take both of those and put them on top of the Fallen battle scene, and you’ve got more Fallen than you can shake a stick at. In 1280 or 1600 widths.

    DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 wasn’t about to be left out of the Fallen fun, and as you might have expected, he inserted the Fallen Shaman into a ring of fiery runes. It’s visible below; click to view HK’s caption and to obtain the image in various sizes and resolutions.

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