Adding more visual splendor to yesterday’s fan art goodies, here’s this week’s new Diablo 3 wallpaper, courtesy of DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000

    This week I planned the Tristram Monastery for the d3 wallpaper series. I know it?s been over used in some aspects but I thought the screen cap was nice. I also improved the color a bit and made it not seem so washed out. I also improved how the alchemy was placed in the 1920×1200 wallpaper. That bothered me on the last wallpaper and I wasn?t able to fix it then so I fixed it this week.

    Hope you all like this nice simple wallpaper with a nice shot of Leah standing outside of the monastery as Tyrael starts to come towards the place in a fiery blaze.

    His comment about DiabloWikiTyrael falling towards the monastery is speculation, but it’s become the consensus amongst we fans who enjoy theorizing about the hints of plot we can find in the cinematic teasers. Click it to see the full image, with links to get it in various resolutions.


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