Despite another week (the last new screens were a month ago) in which Bilzzard gave us no new visual goodies to enjoy, DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 has kept his streak of Diablo III wallpapers alive. This time the DiabloWikiDune Thresher gets the fiery runes treatment, and you can see a closeup of the scaly creation below. Click it to view the full image in a variety of dimensions and resolutions. A quote from HK’s caption:

    This week I took a break from working on the Concept Art Series beta to make my next Fiery Runes Series wallpaper. This time I chose the Dune Thresher for the 3rd in the Bestiary sub-series. I tried many ways to get this image made to look right but I just couldn?t. I made it the way it looks now and took a break to clear my head. When I came back to it on Saturday I didn?t realize how well it turned out. I fixed up the nameplate and finished it on up.

    The fine details when I cleaned it up were some of the sand being disturbed by the thresher as it sets in the middle of the wall in the sand. I also tried to make the Alchemy look like it was burnt onto the top of the sand this time to make it look a little better in my opinion. I also tried to recolor the runecircle but this wall it just wasn?t happening. I tried to use the beautiful runes from the Aranoch wallpaper but the problems I had resizing the effects there happened when I redid the circle. The golden glow just didn?t cooperate.

    So I pulled out the old red rune circle from my old Tyrael wall the second one in the 3rd series, and also took away the shiny glow that the other 2 bestiary wallpapers had for the runes reflecting down onto the ground. It just didn?t look as good on the sand texture so I did a softer broader glow that looked better.




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