Another new Diablo 3 wallpaper this week, courtesy of DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000. He’s taken a shot of Tyrael’s sword, spinning as it flies towards the Worldstone, from the Diablo III cinematic, and done his usual fiery runes coolness to it.  HK’s also been working on some iphone nameplates, three versions of which are up for comment in this forum thread. Here’s a bit from his new wallpaper caption; click through to get the full sized image, with links to different dimensions and resolutions, as always:

    This week guys I thought about making a wall with Tyrael smashing the worldstone with his sword the Azurewrath; to continue where this wallpaper?s story continues from with the invasion. I know I?ve seen this shot used before many times. I just thought it would look nice with my little touch.

    Forgive me if the screen cap was blurry, when I took screenshots of the cinematic trailer it only saved it as 1280xSomethin so I didn?t have much to work with.

    With that I?ll add this, been busy over the week working on a nameplate design for my concept art wallpaper series.

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