Recovered from the computer catastrophe that felled last week’s wallpaper offering, DiabloWikiHolyknight3000 has returned with a new installment of his fiery runes series, this time featuring the DiabloWikiscavenger in a green-tinged spotlight. Click the thumbnail to see the full sized image with links to different dimensions and sizes, and visit the Diablo III Wallpaper Gallery to see more than 150 other desktops. Here’s an excerpt from HK’s caption.

    Long time no see guys, sorry that my Hard drive failed on me. I had this wallpaper made up one hour before the drive failed. I had to rebuild the image again from mostly scratch but I got it done as close as I could. Thankfully almost all my graphics were saved. Only things I lost were my iPhone, and D3W series nameplates. And my bar graphics for the Locations sub series but I may be able to recover those.

    Alright onto the wallpaper! I chose to do this wallpaper as a green theme. I had someone suggest to me to do a green colored theme and I thought ill add grass to make it look even better. The original version had a dark forest but I chose not to use it this time. I also eased up a little on the lighting edgings and made the lighting over all look a little better. Also put a shadow effect under the creature this time as well. Please with the results, I just wished I had saved that lost wallpaper because it looked a lot better.

    With that I am going to take a week and rebuild my lost nameplates and start working on multiple wallpapers again. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. I

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